Show me the utility lines in video games

Some five year olds like dinosaurs, princesses, or trucks. My five year old likes telephone poles, so for the past year or so I have noticed whenever a utility line is in a video game.

Who does utility lines well? The Like a Dragon series, for sure! For instance,, Sotenbori has them in the southern side of its map. Here's a screenshot from Yakuza Kiwami 2, courtesy of l a n g g i on Flickr![l a n g g i on Flickr](, where one is prominent and to the left:


Anyway, I want to get in the habit of sharing them as I find them. If you have any, please share!

As a civil engineer, I highly support any thread about Infrastructure Spotting like this.

I've thought about making my own thread about realistic curb ramps or little details like that.

I realized the easy answer will always just be Yakuza or any other highly detailed real-world modeled games.

But it can be funny to look for these kind of details in other games! Did the designer think through whether the infrastructure makes sense, or did they just plop it in there?

I saved this screenshot from Cloud Gardens where I realized the guardrail was installed backwards. This wouldn't protect the cars! No wonder society fell into ruin!


Obviously the Mario series is one of the most guilty. Those pipes ain't right!

You all can keep posting, but this is the best utility pole in gaming.

You can enjoy some (likely) telegraph lines in rural areas of Red Dead Redemption 2.

And what appears to be power lines in the City of Saint Denis.

Internet infrastructure spotters appear to be arguing in a lot of comment sections about telegraph vs power lines.

1899 would be a time of really rapid technological transitions, so it's a little confusing!



Cruising along some powerlines in Iconoclasts

Because it is now impossible to search for things, I can‘t find the footage of the game Keita Takahashi was trying to direct prior to Katamari Damacy that’s all about sliding on power lines, but: it exists, and if anyone knows how to use the internet in 2024, maybe they can post it.

Thanks to THPS, I can’t see power lines without having to fight the urge to olly 10 feet and grind on them for several blocks.


Was it keita takahashi or was it the umihara kawase person?

I went and got this for the thread, then noticed your comment on it, haha.

@BluntForceMama pretty sure the original games all had power lines too.

Maybe not utility lines in the conventional sense, but Half Life: Alyx is filthy with wires!



@“treefroggy”#p149559 OH RIGHT, sorry - it was a game that Keita Takahashi saw in development that impressed him, that‘s what it was. that would also explain why I couldn’t find it (nice work).

@“treefroggy”#p149559 Thank you for sharing this. I love the music in this clip so much that it inspires at least three questions in me.

1) Why aren't I always listening to this kind of music?
2) Is there a name for this genre of music, so that I can find more of it and be listening to it all the time?
3) Why don't more games still feature this kind of laid-back sunshiny music?

So great.

@“whatsarobot”#p149566 can’t answer those questions but though you may already know, the song is from Umihara Kawase

@“whatsarobot”#p149566 I‘d be tempted to call it 80s anime music lol. Check out any slice of life Anime from the period and you’ll find plenty of this.

Thank you both! Those are helpful places to start.

@“whatsarobot”#p149572 I do super agree that umihara kawase music is like none other and I wish there was more. Sincerity sincerity sincerity.

@“treefroggy”#p149577 That's the perfect word for it.

You could take your child's love of utility poles to turn them into a GeoGuessr prodigy! Very useful information here:

The Sacred Texts:

@“BluntForceMama”#p149539 I like seeing infrastructure that doesn‘t quite make sense. That’s a good example.

Here are some more now that I recovered my screenshot bank. I'll dive into them a bit at a time.

Here's Valkyria Chronicles IV. Spoiler put in for what's a slightly dark scene:

And Road Redemption had them.

I thought fighting game stages would be full of this kind of thing, but early investigations (I looked at two games) aren’t finding much.


Good ol’ Street Fighter Alpha 2.