Show me things you made.

I have a short film on a streaming service that I think folks may dig, I do a lot of PSX style modeling (I hesitate to say low poly, because my topology sux). this guy was the result of a few months of work. It’s free to check it out.


@“freakscene”#p159752 wow! really enjoyed this ^^

@“soup”#p159853 Thank you! it is my hope Wario Land 4 continues to inspire cinema.

@“connrrr”#p154748 These drawings are very very good. They look so effortless. I support and encourage any artistic project you pursuit.

As someone who has dropped out of art school literally three times, I totally understand. Even though I know I'm good at it, and I have decent ideas, it's really difficult to sit down and work on anything substantial. I just dabble in my sketchbooks, mainly, and maybe complete one or two things a year in procreate just to remind myself I can.

I find myself feeling jealous of people who are so _obsessive_ and driven by art, because that is just not me. I basically don't do anything unless someone requests it or as a gift. It is just really difficult to convince myself that what I create is worthwhile, especially in the face of the growing AI art movement.

just released my favorite song i’ve ever made. i’ve been putting all my focus on my music for the first time lately and it’s really paying off :relieved: