Show me things you made.

Drawings, play-doh claymations, sand castles, all of your material creative urges and whims. I'll dig some of my stuff up soon.

I rotoscoped the daytona seagull the other day

Edit: Oh I guess the board doesn't like embedding it. Here's a link:

OKAY I guess it is my turn.

I'm continuing to practice watercolor in hopes of using it in game development one day. I like to just straight up copy backgrounds from old games. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes this scenery.


And I drew Lucatiel from Dark Souls 2 for my shitty game review blog.


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Hank the alien. (A work in progress from my comic.)

I drew Bert from Sesame Street from memory, in Silent Hill.


@“Mnemogenic”#p128173 No fooling, this inspired me to use rotoscoping in my YouTube intro. What I have wasn’t quite to my liking. I’m happy with my videography, my music. It was missing something. So I am now going to rotoscope myself and have that play over top all of that.

The beginnings of the aforementioned rotoscoping. I’ll be here awhile!

This is a recent commercial that @“exodus”#3 's Necrosoft had me create puppet sequences for, to promote the amazing-looking Demonschool. I fabricated sets, puppets, and control systems, even hired a co-performer! I shot it on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema cam at 4K. There are two versions: The one edited by the Necrosoft team and released on IGN:

I also wanted to present the puppet scenes in full resolution, so I made an alternate version (which is not on IGN)

I am really grateful to have been a little part of Demonschool, and I'm looking to keep making media like this. I also want to start doing RPG livestreams run by Godrick, the guy in my profile pic. I have a plan to cable control his head with my feet while I play stuff like Koudelka or Clouds of Xeen.

@“Jack”#p130426 This whips ass.

@“HyggeState”#p130428 YEEEEEAAAARGH

@“Jack”#p130426 That was rad as heck!

@“Toph”#p130433 Thank you!

@“Jack”#p130426 Beautiful. Games should utilize puppets more often.

@“Andy B”#p130437 I agree, I‘d make a career out of doing 80’s style fantasy commercials if I could.

@“Andy B”#p130056 Hella beautiful watercoloring and linework.

@“Jack”#p130584 Thank you!

I made a papercraft mask!

Rotoscoping update: Day 3, and I have 2 seconds of footage.

Among the anime voiceovers that people care about, the indie game voiceovers they care somewhat less about, and the boring commercials and stuff that pay the bills, the thing keeping me interested is this sci-fi short film about end-stage capitalism, addiction, blood-powered guns and a cat. It's called Criddlers – trucking through digital effects right now and should be in festivals next year