Show me your Planners and Notebooks

Y'all game devs and professionals gotta have some planners

as for me, I use my hobonichi techo cover to hold all sorts of important stuff, and then I fill it with non-techo A6 grid paper notebooks. (hobonichi did finally start making blank notebooks within the past year, I will take a look at those soon)

The Field Notes got me because it was a limited edition specifically designed and marketed for construction work. It has thicker paper, and a ruler in the back. I like them, wish I could get some more. I used them for various projects like building my van, other peoples vans, and I have electronics schematics hand drawn and laminated in there, like AV connector pinouts for every console, and various mods. I can post more photos of that stuff later.


my gf has loads of those field notes books around. the yellow ones are my favourite! i can‘t get much use out of them because most are grid’d or plain (prefer lines) and they're too small for my LARGE EXPRESSIVE HANDWRITING. i use a boring moleskin weekly planner thingy, works for me.

Hopefully this isn’t too old of a thread to revive because I have planner history to share!

I’ve tried so many planners since getting a Professional Job. Started with the generic blank notebooks work provided, adding dates and task lists by hand and they worked fine, but I wanted to try some more options.
Generally enjoyed using a Moleskine for a year, but it also happened to be the year I got into fountain pens. Moleskine paper doesn’t play super nicely with wet fountain pen ink.
Tried a Hobonichi Techo and loved it, though I didn’t love the price.
Tried a Milligram planner and liked the layout, but the fact it was ring bound made it huge and a bit annoying to use pages on the left.

This year I’m trying a Hobonichi Techo Cousin and while it’s still pretty expensive, I got a decent discount via Amazon Japan and it might be my favourite layout.
Splitting into two books makes the bulk in my work bag minimal, and i find the A5 size way easier to work with. Plus Hobonichi uses very fountain pen friendly paper which is a bonus!


I bought the avec cousin for the second year in a row, the size and daily pages were 100% useful to me last year and working well this year too. Although, I’m also pretty sure I don’t need to spend this much to get a planner with a page for each day of the year.

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I go for the Muji A5 planner and a pocketable Rhodia notebook (soft cover, dotted)


For notebooks I recently bought two Midori notebooks which I have been enjoying quite a bit. I I prefer notebooks to planners because the formst can be a bit limiting sometimes (I just want to make doodles next to my tasks lol) but those Technos look pretty cool. I also got some Mnemosyne pads from my sister for my daily to do lists.

What pens/pencils are y’all using? I’ve had this rotring pen and pencil for over 4 years now and I highly recommend them. Very durable and I like their design.

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i have until recently stuck by the uniball jetstream for as long as i can remember. the new one for me is the uniball “one ambition” ( :nauseated_face: ) which has wetter ink than i like. but i get clearer thinner lines which has helped shrink down my

so i just need to be patient to give it the 2-3 seconds it takes to dry coz it is worth it

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I fell down a massive rabbit hole with pens and pencils over the last decade.

My pencil of choice oscillates between a Blackwing and a Kuru Toga. The Toga is awesome for finer stuff. The spinning lead mechanism is supposed to keep the lead from flattening but doesn’t work ultra well with my handwriting style but I like the design of the pencil enough to keep it regardless.

Pens are where I really fell into the rabbit hole.
I generally prefer Uni Jetstream for ballpoint, they got me through my entire university degree and I still use them at the office where a fountain pen isn’t as practical. I use a variety of various fountain pens when I can, mostly at home for journaling and work note taking.

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I dunno much about pens but I like this one that a vendor was handing out more than all the other pens and the Veritext lady said lots of people are saying the same thing

Edit: upon further inspection it is made by Bic in Korea

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made mine

i like em small enough to fit in my pocket


I’ve been on that Techo life for years now. I use the Avec so it takes up less space in my bag.

For writing I primarily use fountain pens, my daily driver being my TWSBI Eco-T. I’ve been exploring inks for years and have found I much prefer inks that dry fairly quickly. A friend gifted me a bottle of Noodler’s Antietam (which is what I’m using in the picture) which has been quite nice. I also really like de Atramentis’ Edgar Allan Poe, which is green and dries so quickly, it’s great.

I’ve got a few other pens and pencils (blackwing 602), but those are used less. Pencils I primarily use for writing practice for kanji!


Been using hobonochis for quite a few years now and they remain my favorite for the fun covers and nice paper. Expensive though, so I use the “day-free” version so I can just draw in the months for years after. This is my 2022 model with tons of pages left :-)

Also my current fav pen, the Zebra Sarasa 1.0 in Dark Blue.

As far as notebooks go, I’m all in on OneNote and love it. Sorry!

I hardly ever physically write, but I really like the MUJI gel pens. They are affordable, write great and come in distinct and fun colors. I got a 10-pack about a year ago and it’s a lifetime supply for me. I also got an aluminum body that takes the same refills. They are fantastic.


I’ve changed my mind a few times on which pens are best for everyday use, but after trying many, I’ve gone back to a classic: The Pilot V5 HI-TECPOINT. I like that it feels precise and kinda rough at the same time. It ‘bleeds’, but not too much; it’s expressive! I like looking at my notes and seeing something I wrote on the train has a different feel than something I wrote more carefully. And I like little details like the stupid name and the ridges along the tip. Also they are cheap, which means I don’t have to worry that much about losing them.