snack check thread

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One lesson I've learned in life is that middle aged ladies from Vietnam have incredible taste in pretty much anything

@“SweetJP”#p100559 nice I've been thinking about going to that place

0 fat yogurt with honey I bought last summer in the UP and shitty tea from trader joes I regret buying

Last night I ate some DORITOS while playing Callisto Protocol, and that's not even a joke. that game is not fun

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I made some of these reverse chip cookies which are delicious and very snackable

@“sabertoothalex”#p101136 omg gimme some o' those cookies

Found these for cheap and they are extremely good.[upl-image-preview url=]

had a pączek with plum

@“yeso”#p101948 I was unfamiliar with pączek but I am extremely glad that you posted this so I could learn that they are a thing that exists (and that sound amazing)!

1 - rose hip

2 - rose petal

3 - plum

4 - apricot

5 - raspberry

skip the rest imo

It's important to get them from an authentic bakery that knows what they're doing. It's more of a seasonal food in the leadup to Lent, so at least in areas with large Polish populations you'll find whatever generic grocery store re-branding shitty jelly doughnuts to cash in

skyr + walnuts + maple syrup + cocoa powder.

@"Karasu"#p101949 made a big batch of sufganiyot with my friend and her partner for Hanukkah a couple years ago and they turned out delicious and were fun to make! I wish I'd known about pączki when I ~~lived up the street from a Polish bakery~~ I can't believe I made this mistake since I ribbed someone for misspeaking in the same exact way kinda recently, but I lived up the street from a **Portuguese** bakery. I'm cancelled.

went to h mart today and got a bag of Chinese lays in spicy peanut flavor which was…weird? the peanut flavor almost tasted real, it was super close, but it did have a nice little bit of that szechuan peppercorn numbing thing I love so much, and there were big ol sliced chunky rings of fried peppers in it too, which I didn‘t realize until I ate almost all the chips cuz the peppers sank to the bottom. not actually spicy really but I would go very hard on this flavor again if it weren’t for the peanut weirdness. a very worthwhile impulse buy

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### :key::key::key: MAJOR KEY ALERT :key::key::key:

#### For all the vegans in the house,

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# _These fuck_

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hey I heard there was a snake check thread?

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With Brandon’s recommendation of vegan jerky this week now I have two podcasts telling me to eat vegan jerky and I like it

I got louiville vegan jerky yesterday. I get it every now and again. My local Food Hole only has three flavors and none of the limited editions so I always get smoky Carolina bbq because it’s slathered in sauce & the others are dry from being on the shelf too long. And the buffalo dill is good but I usually eat a hole bag in one sitting and that much buffalo nukes my food hole.

Having a sad moment reading all the gushing praise for peanuts because despite improving the quality of many people's lives, they would drastically reduce both the quality and length of mine!

My snack time has been a couple of homemade [Welsh cakes]( Without a hint of exaggeration my nan makes the finest I've ever had to the point that they've been requested as gifts from family members living on the other side of the planet. They're damn fine.

never heard of those they look good!

@“yeso”#p101132 i don‘t think I’ve ever had tea from TJ's I liked. This snack is something I often find myself having tho. Yogurt and honey is incredible and hits a perfect snack spot for me: satiating without being filling.

@“LeFish”#p102284 yeah, these look fantastic! Sadly for me, most recipes I‘m seeing are very animal-product-heavy, but that’s my issue, not Welsh cakes' problem, lol.

@“rearnakedwindow”#p100164 Those pretzels rule and also make your mouth taste like onion forever.