snack check thread

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I’m in love with these tiny peanut butter cookies

Brilliant! This thread was so necessary.

No current snacks to report at this time.

I‘ve got some store brand dry roasted peanuts over here (planters ones have gelatin in them, just in case anyone missed that). Giving my dog 1/8 of 1/2 of one peanut every few minutes to calm him down because there’s ANOTHER DOG in here today.

Peanuts are great and it's always sad to me when a trail mix advertises something like "guaranteed less than 20% peanuts!" I mean just don't put peanuts in there if you hate them so much, trail mix companies!!

Did you know peanuts just grow on the ground like common filth
peanuts rule

dried turkish apricots

@“exodus”#p100146 I‘ve recently taken to making my own peanut butter by just tossing a bunch of peanuts in a blender and blitzing those guys to be exactly the consistency I like. Every single peanut butter I’ve ever bought in a jar has so much extra oil and salt and stuff, and all it does is ruin the texture and flavor!! The peanuts don‘t need any help being good! Not sure if you’re one for spreads yourself, but historically peanut butter and dogs are a tried and true good time. If you've got a blender it might be worthwhile setting aside some peanuts for a fun creamy treat

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@“rearnakedwindow”#p100164 my god, thank you, rearnakedwindow. attention @Chopemon - this specifc flavour of this snack has been discussed at great length on the magnificent Three Bean Salad podcast. i‘ve just been binging the back catalog, so it’s quite exciting (for me) to see what the package looks like.


Recently got Invisalign and my snackage has decreased a lot lately, so I will be vicariously living through this thread now. Thank you

My partner recently made peanut butter filled(? I guess they were pitted dates so it was kinda filled, idk) And chocolate covered dates and they were really good.

@“Funbil”#p100159 some of our stores out here just have a big grinder with peanuts in it and you can grind out your desired amount. I do find I want to add a little salt though, myself!

@“whatsarobot”#p100166 Ah yes, the fabled Snyders. My wife thinks I'm a serial killer because I like eating snacks like these with chop sticks since they leave a residue on your fingers. The only downside of Snyders.

@“Chopemon”#p100238 That‘s funny, because my wife was the first person I’d ever seen eat crisps/chips/snacks with chopsticks, and though it boggled my mind at first, I now do it too.

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Some mixed nuts and a couple of pieces of chocolate. I’m usually not a chocolate eater, I tend to prefer savoury snacks over sweet — but I saw this on the shelf and figured it was worth a try:

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…it is pretty good! Whittaker’s make good stuff in general.

It’ll take me a few weeks or maybe a month to eat the whole block, I reckon.

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Yuzu sorbet. So nice on a hot day. (sorry, snow time thread denizens)

when you stop by the Alien Jerky shop on the way home from Los Begas


@“exodus”#p100146 a lot of people feed peanuts to squirrels in our neighborhood. Which i dont like. But the bonus side is there are numerous peanut plants growing all over the place every summer which is cool and funny

Initial D boba. I got the Speed Stars

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@“DavidNoo”#p100524 ha ha those little nerds forgot where they hid their biz

Just got back from the grocery store and first thing, after disrobing and washing my hands: ripped into a wedge of half-off Jarlsberg like a candy bar.

Then I had a taste of these

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big mistake. The cheesiest chips I've ever tasted. Gratuitout, decadent. I overdose on cheese. Divide my meager video game collection equally among the forum's top five posters.

also normally I eat fruit, yogurt, natto, carrots, whole grain sourdough from the bakery around the corner etc. Today was chips day.