songs that are conspicuously similar

The core of Rock Howard‘s theme from Garou sounds like a stadium rock version of the song ’Children‘ by Robert Miles? Since it’s a chill song I normally play it in the background when in training mode.

I guess we might as well just keep this thread going as an extension of the old one since it‘s seeing new life. This is fine probably!!! that’s forums for ya.

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p47631 The Mega Man series has a lot of these but this one is my favorite:

Mega Man X3 - Neon Tiger (Kinuyo Yamashita)

My Michelle (Metallica)

@“nolimitsquesting”#p47995 I let that Robert Miles track run into an auto-generated YouTube playlist and now I’m reliving some of the best parts of the 90s. Cheesy as it might be, this genre of music brings me so much joy.

@“kory”#p47640 @“exodus”#p47643 This one gives me similar vibe especially around 1 min in.

@“kory”#p48006 that rules! I‘m going to give it a try too, it’s the good stuff

@“GigaSlime”#p48004 I don't know if calling guns n roses metallica was an own (on both of them!?) but I enjoyed it.


@“nolimitsquesting”#p47995 The core of Rock Howard’s theme from Garou sounds like a stadium rock version of the song ‘Children’ by Robert Miles?

I forget exactly where, but the composer freely copped to the fact that he was quoting this song—it's a song that showed up all over the variety show Tetsuwan Dash and IIRC he just figured it was fair game to quote the tune, with the idea that people in the know would recognise it as a wink to the show.

@“exodus”#p48023 lol it definitely isn't just that my brain turned off for a second

@“gsk”#p48026 that's really cool! I feel like the older SNK games do this kind of thing a lot, there are so many KOF characters that have attacks from Kamen Rider, Evangelion and Street Fighter that feel like they come from a place of reverence rather than plagiarism.

You‘re all gonna recognize this one. It’s an arranged song, but still.

Always been stunned by how blatant this was, and in retrospect realizing what a massive rip-off artist Koji Kondo is: Matt Bianco‘s “Get Out Your Lazy Bed” vs. Super Mario World’s Overworld theme:

I didn't know about this one at all!!

did this in the other thread, but I don't care!

The Jungle Zone music in Sonic 1 Game Gear always sounded like a KFC TV advert from the time in the UK. Bonus points for anyone that can find that from 1991 or so!

This song is only a step away from being a Yellow Magic Orchestra parody, but I just can't place my finger on which YMO song it is:

This one track from the Gundam OST is eerily similar to Lizard by King Crimson

(Section starts at 1:57)

@“NoJoTo”#p48127 lol, that reminds me of this band, which was formed by several video game composers explicitly as a YMO parody:

I don’t know much more about them than what little it says on the site I linked, but they’re actually pretty good!

Grant Kirkhope - Gruntilda's Lair

Henry Hall & His Orchestra - The Teddy Bear's Picnic

@“kory”#p48130 O(h) MY!