Sounds Familiar...

I remember the Nightclub music from Timesplitters 2 being used for a floor gymnastics routine in the Olympics in, it must‘ve been 2004. My buddy and I were watching and both looked at each other thinking "that’s Timesplitters music!".

Sadly I can't find the clip in question but here's the music.

This 90‘s ad for Murphy’s Irish Stout @“hellomrkearns”#p79370 posted, uses the same bell tower chime as Bloodborne.

I can't find a sample but it's the loud bell you often hear when running around Yharnam.

the menu cursor movement and select sounds in SMTV were deeply familiar to me, but it took a few days for me to realise why. they're the same as need for speed underground 2, a game chock full of menus for every option on every inch of every car.



This is top tier Sounds Familiar posting, thank you

(I just played Bloodborne TODAY and watched that beer commercial TODAY and didn't notice...)


Syzygy - You’d be surprised how often major international multimedia companies just use free sound banks.

During FFVII's Rocket Town arc, you see in a cutscene why the rocket is leaning the way it is, and for a very brief moment some [jungle-ish ambient noise]( plays (suggesting that the industrial site has been overtaken by nature?). I've definitely heard at least some of those sounds in [MGS3](, though it seems they might have mixed a few of these sound library tracks together for FFVII (which the sounds may have been recorded specifically _for_ FFVII, I have no idea).

Anyone know what that animal is whose call sounds like it jumps between two different pitches?
~low^high ~low^high ~low^high ~low^high ~low^high ~low^high ~low^high ~low^high ?

Has anybody done this yet? I saw it on Twitter a couple days ago and figured, “Why the hell not?”

@“Video_Game_King”#p82414 i thought this every time it happened on DBS, except my mind went to the “still i think he's rather tasty” line from aladdin

having recently gone through a phase of being unable to stop humming the Daytona USA music (as i‘m sure many have), i tried to excise it from my brain by playing along to it on guitar (this has worked in the past).

it struck me how similar in feel ’Let‘s Go Away’ is to the allman brothers ‘Jessica’, famously the title theme to british car magazine show and right-wing indoctrinator Top Gear .

this doesn‘t exactly fit the thread but:

this track:

was recreated in namco’s dancing eyes:

I hear the generic animal barks from Warcraft III all the time. I‘m convinced there’s a single recording of a wild boar and no one's bothered to make more.

I'm sure this track from Power Dolls 3 has some of the same rap samples as the Persona soundtracks. I think. They might not be the exact same ones but definitely from the same pack.

This track from GT Straight Victory: Hoshino Kazuyoshi e no Chousen

uses the same "viva la revolucion" voice sample as this track from the Serial Experiments Lain Cyberia Mix soundtrack

DOOM was one of the first games where I started picking up on this and with good cause since it used a pretty standard sound library. This dude found them all.


@“Chopemon”#p85424 uses the same “viva la revolucion”

Much more tastefully! (/only once!)

@"copySave"#p85429 That Sound Ideas library really got around... just the imp roars alone I can recall hearing in a billion things. Off the top of my head it's used for Sylux in [Metroid Prime Hunters]( and the snake in the PC version of [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets]( (_not_ the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox version, scholars take note)

@“captain”#p34995 Ah fuck, i think this definitively makes Wawa better than Sheetz.

at around 58s into this track there is a high-pitched voice sample

that i'm pretty sure also appears in the "diaper time" bit in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia [linked but not embedded for possible NSFW]

Deep cut here, but this bit from Ryu Umemoto‘s YU-NO is very reminiscent of a Russya song. It’s probably a coincidence!

I started it at the instrumental rendition of the melody but she sings it as the chorus too, starting at 1:17

@“captain”#p35088 there‘s one of some sort of animal howl that I’ve heard elsewhere used for all sorts of things, no idea what it is or supposed to be.