Sounds Familiar...

Playing the first Max Payne recently it occurred to me that I‘d heard several of the sound effects before, specifically in other video games. I recognized the sound of reloading a pistol heard in Halo 1, the shotgun reload heard in Half-Life 2 (I’ve heard it in TV and movies too), and this version of footsteps on cement heard in Shadow of the Colossus.

Later I was watching some Landstalker gameplay (you _all_ talk about it _all_ the time and I didn't know what it was!) and noticed [moving the cursor]( in the menu makes the [Super Mario Bros. coin sound](, while selecting in the menu... well I thought it was the same as the [Game Boy Pokémon menu select noise](, but I can tell now it's different, maybe by a semitone, maybe it's more than that (more reverb in Landstalker, for sure). The [jump]( is [Sonic's](

I feel like I recognize the DS version of Dragon Quest V's climbing-the-stairs sound effect from somewhere but not sure where.

et cetera

What are some sounds you've heard somewhere that you recognize from a different somewhere? Noticed any of the ones I mentioned? Should this just have been a comment in [Best soundfeel in games]( or [The Bad Sounds](

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This reminds me of this video and texture archeoogy, it would be interesting to see something similar for audio samples, though it would be a lot harder or impossible on some cases because i think audio samples tend to get transformed into unrecognizability way more often than textures

@“Syzygy”#p34919 Very true, although my driving interest in this is I notice it far more often in movies than in games (I have seen more movies than played games, is the explanation), so I'm curious to hear more game examples

@"穴"#p34920 This is beautiful. I would like to see a sound library version of this indeed

Music is a different topic altogether, but while I‘m thinking about it No More Heroes 2 penultimate boss Alice Twilight’s battle theme uses a GarageBand '11 loop called “Techno Synth 01,” sped up considerably for a few measures

The voice sample at the beginning of Sonic Riders‘ Theme of Green Cave is also used multiple times throughout The Tetris Effect’s New Beginnings. It was a strange sensation when I first heard it in Tetris Effect as it had been some time since I played Sonic Riders. I imagine The Tetris Effect shares audio samples with many games because it is so chock full of music.

I have heard the menu noise from the original Xcom: UFO Defense / UFO: Enemy Unknown all over the place. Similarly the door noise from the original Doom.

@“Syzygy”#p34919 Having recently begun to dabble in the joyful activity that is “avoiding Youtube's copyright algorithm,” I'm now familiar with the YT audio library. There is a reason you hear the same songs, sounds, etc in thousands of different YT videos.

To have lived and created before a Fortune 500 company could remotely, algorithmically charge you for using 4 seconds of a clip from a 30 year old video game!

@“穴”#p34920 Identifying audio samples is easier than you think. It's how Zelda fans were able to track down the stock audio CD that video games at least through the 2000s (possibly until now) used and finally see the full picture behind the Ocarina of Time Fire Temple music controversy.

@“Video_Game_King”#p34958 oh yeah you‘re right, I just remembered there even was one Video Game History Hour episode about music archeology and the super mario world sample restoration

I guess was thinking about experimental music when I said that identifying samples was hard because i’ve listening and making music with a lot of extreme sample distortion lately lol

chiming in only to mention the gas station closest to my hometown home had one of those cash registers that would use the Sonic ring collect noise when ringing up.

i remember reading at some point (or maybe it was on the podcast!) that’s because Sammy made cash registers for a while

@“esper”#p34990 Shoot! I meant to mention those too, I've heard quite a few around the upper midwest

More of a reused melody than sound effect, but this topic made me think of Totaka's song:


also, I doubt any sane person would just "notice" this, but I was very amused when I learned that the chill GC menu music is a super slow-mo Famicom Disk System theme:

This is a music thread now

The rattling anvil(?) sound in "[Chronopolis](" from Chrono Cross can also be heard in "[Mantis](" from Halo 4 and the [intro cutscene]( of Metroid Prime Hunters.

@“captain”#p35034 I am so glad that I have this knowledge, now, seriously! What an odd-sounding sample to keep cropping up. I suppose it’s part of some commonly used library?

The sound effects in Cubivore are all so uncanny.

@“captain”#p34935 lol

@“kory”#p35050 It must be. Which is not surprising in and of itself, but I'm surprised it was in used for at least a 12-year period

@“treefroggy”#p35073 Make it your mission to reuse them someday

I can‘t tell exactly because I wasn’t able to play with the sound up earlier and scrounging for it in a video is difficult, but the light beam pickup sound from the NTSC version of Metroid Prime 2 sounds mighty similar at least in tone to the item pickup sound from Silent Hill.

unsure if this belongs in this thread or another one, but it's interesting.