Spooky Season 2k22 Horror Games


as you all know, spooky season (which begins in september, i will not be answering questions) is almost upon us, which means horror games

personally, for every few legit scary looking ones, i like to pepper in a fun b-rated survival horror one - blue stinger almost made this year's cut, but there's always next year

some of my all time greats from recent years have been:

Corpse Party - woww i wasn't ready for this shit. i tried the 3rd one but that was buttcheeks, should've stooped here

Sweet Home - man oh man was this good! that long video years ago from happy console gamer didn't steer me wrong, a top 10 NES title for me.

Doki Doki Literature Club - just go in blind, they said

Clock Tower (SFC/fan translation) - this was really cool, and a lot more fun with a guide

**### anyway, here's this year's list for me** so far...it should be noted, i don't believe you have to finish these things necessarily (i've yet to complete a single fatal frame game!) ), but at least try! also i tend to play at night, with or without headphones. anyway, onto the list!

Visage - i've heard such things, while staying away from details of any kind. the real fear is in hoping gamepass doesn't take this one off soon!

Oxenfree - got a deal on a ps4 disc, another i know nothing about

Kentucky Route Zero - same as oxenfree here

Omori - oh man this fangamer disc just showed up like last week, squeeking this one into this years list possibly...looks RPG like? down for this

Dino Crisis (dreamcast) - my survival horror title to finally finish this year is between this and code veronica - the raptors are winning so far but this early out, it's anyone's game

Return of Obra Jinn - been sitting on a best buy LRG switch copy for a while now, this one looks really interesting

Yume Nikki - full confession: i tried this one for a spooky season a few years back, admittedly high and had no idea what to do, maybe i should try again 😅

quick 4th quarter entry: did you know the resident evil 1.5 dump years back got something of a functional game built around it? i don't know how much there is, but its cool to see and i wanna run through whatever's there with Ezra!

also every year i try to do better at Illbleed and just about every year i don't

~ _### Honorable mentions: prolly for next year but i may try a few this year if time permits~_

_finish Rondo of Blood, finally ending the shame on my family's name_

House of Ashes - so the dark cinema stuff can usually be found dirt cheap if you wait...i've only so far played the first one that everyone else did, but honestly lost some interest here after heariing how much better the quarry turned out?

Observations - i think i got this on a PSN sale bro what even is this

System Shock 2 - i am so bad at certain types of older PC games, despite my admiration

Five Nights at Freddy's - all the kids are talking about this hot new title

Alien Isolation - i know it's beloved and i should try again but man years ago it was like oh this ship looks cool but uh are there any dinosaurs in your uh dinosaur park

Tormented Souls
White Day
Layers of Fear
Tokyo Twilight
Little Nightmares 2
i'm not gonna lie i very clearly buy horror games on the cheap to prevent another haunting ground/etc getting away from me

...this is admittedly a much bigger list than usual, but work/pandemic depression/etc made me miss much of the spookiness last year so i'm trying to make up for that!
anyway, who's in & what all are you planning to play? let's collectively pee our pants in honor of the season!

oh y'all some scardey cats huh :joy:

_okay okay i could've waited till later in the month for this but planning and listssss_


@“IrishNinja”#p81384 scardey cats

ngl, seeing this thread pop up triggered serial waves of indignance, incredulity, panic, acceptance, and, finally, relief. I've been waiting for summer to end since [size=0] (checks google for first day of summer) [/size] June twenty-first and I am ready to at least contemplate welcoming spooky season 2k22

Anyway, my plans so far are the same as last year: continue trying to finally beat Rondo on my PC Engine mini

D is nice and you can play through it in a sitting, but if you've played it at all recently it loses its punch.

you know what i ought to do is start a new game of pathalogic 2 and finally finish it.

I've been meaning to play Evil Within 1 and 2. I thought the trailers for part 2 looked so dang good, but just never bought it.

I finally played Until Dawn two years ago. I'd recommend doing that if you haven't. With that comes The Quarry. I want to give that a shot along with the Dark Pictures games.

Those are all I've got on my agenda this year. Not sure if we will make them happen though lol.

I can‘t feel excited for Halloween until I have one of those days where I walk outside and the air is cool and crisp and comfortable. Before then, it’s still summer. Even though I did already buy Monster Cereal fruit snacks.

But this year I'd really like to play through the original Silent Hill! I've never played any games in the series; most of my familiarity with it comes from watching a friend play the second one for an hour when I was in high school and also watching the movie (which I didn't like). I really need to knock that off the backlog!

Devil May Cry V and Control are the closest things I have to a spooky game currently on my plate. This could theoretically be a good reason pick them back up from where I left off, but then again it never gets cold enough to actually feel like Halloween here.

already planning to hit the resi 8 dlc this october, will probably pick up the quarry and perhaps ghostwire.

i have also not seen the end of rondo of blood! i don't have any ideal version of it (the ps4 SOTN bundle?) but should try to persevere.

Yo you gotta get on that Blue Stinger son. What a game.

For this year's spooky season, I will probably play Daymare. I have been intrigued by it for ages. Hoping it is a 6/10 banger. I also might do another SH2 run on easy. I think the Silent Hill games are better on easy since you get hell of ammo and don't have to engage with the melee combat.

I also want to play Illbleed and D2 on Dreamcast but am struggling to enjoy my DC at the moment. Mrs. Chopemon likes to sit and read at night while I play games and the DC disk drive is the loudest thing in the world. D2 is really bad for it because it keeps pulling high quality audio off the disk for all of the really long cutscenes so the drive is really noisy. So I need to sort out a new machine with a GDEMU in it.

Not many people agree with me but I love Fatal Frame 5 and if anyone is after a PS2 feeling but beautiful looking horror on a Japanese mountain, give it a go.

I recently did another Resident Evil 1 run and had forgotten how much I love the original with the very disconcerting vibe and feeling of isolation that comes from the weird decor in the mansion.

There sure aren't enough linear/semi linear survival horror games being made anymore.


Kentucky Route Zero


Return of Obra Jinn

I like both of them a lot and KRZ is a unique experience (but not for everyone) although I wouldn't call them horror games.

> >

Yume Nikki

I played it a long time ago, back in the day. Definitely one of the best experiences for a video game Halloween. Part of the point is, precisely, not being very clear what to do and trying to interact with everything. The atmosphere is very special.

> >

Clock Tower

My resolution for this October is to finish it for the first time.

i would say that KRZ has horror elements but is NOT horror, whereas obra dinn is a straight up gothic horror story.

I would add Anchorhead and Darkwood. Darkwood especially for silent hill fans

i am forever wondering “how come i've never played fatal frame? why do i never see them on online storefronts etc.?” and remembering that it‘s because they’re “project zero” here. it‘s a terrible, forgettable name and i’ve never seen or heard someone say “yeah dude been playin that project zero dude”

@“rootfifthoctave”#p81413 ooh! I almost forgot about the re8 dlc. Thanks for the reminder. I adored the base game. Can't wait for more.

@“rootfifthoctave”#p81420 aw man I‘ve always had Obra Dinn in the back of my mind as a good game to play because you’re an insurance adjuster didn't know it was a horror game

damn, mizuma falls might make another last minute entry at this point, this looks so cool

@"Karnovski"#p81401 i had a great time with EW1 when it dropped! it goes on way too long but otherwise great
2....i know some folks love it, it had this overworld segment that i just dont like in horror games (see also: silent hill downpour) but maybe i should've pushed past that

@"Nemoide"#p81402 ahhh see that seems so nice! im in MIA so it's just varying levels of hot, no real seasonal changes sadly

@"rootfifthoctave"#p81413 yeah ghostwire was just like $23 at gamefly, i'm sure it'll be even cheaper by then. quarry by black friday should be in cereal boxes, can't wait!

@"Chopemon"#p81414 agreed so hard on not being enough linear survival horror these days, and i know you're right about blue stinger but im basically saving that, deep fear & carrier for when i tie up the last of these capcom ones, which dino is toward the end of. i'm waiting to see if code veronica/x just gets the next RE engine remake (fingers crossed!), after that it's down to just zero for me and i can see where others dig it but it's never worked for me.
oh and i imported the last fatal frame but ive been told it's not the best? gonna give it a go sometime to see for myself

@"Kelzor"#p81415 okay cool, glad it wasn't just me haha. and enjoy clock tower!

@"yeso"#p81421 oooo tell me more!

@“thebryanjzx90”#p81436 oh it‘s absolutely a game where you’re an insurance adjuster!


@“Chopemon”#p81414 D2 is really bad for it because it keeps pulling high quality audio off the disk for all of the really long cutscenes so the drive is really noisy

Played through it recently. It even gives away when you're about to get hit with a random encounter haha. It was kinda cute at first, but I eventually played with headphones on. Great game.

I'm currently playing Knock Knock on the Vita. It's pretty creepy and becomes more of a puzzle game as you figure out how it all works. Curious to see how it ends.

I'm planning to check out World of Horror, this bubble bobble like on the neo geo called Nightmare in the Dark, and maybe Phasmophobia if I can find people to play with. Oh and picked up Mothmen 1966 recently.


@“seasons”#p81454 Nightmare in the Dark

that game's a lot of fun. really charming in its character designs.