Stuff to get on Amazon JP

Okay, everyone acknowledges that amazon is a bad company and also that we kind of have no choice right now, so I want to talk about what kinds of cool things we can get. Not everyone seems to know that you can link an account to your existing prime account, meaning you get free shipping from Japan that takes like 5 days. Basically anything that's new is covered.

I just got this stuff: two Jadoes CDs and a Saturn "perfect catalog," though we'll see how perfect it is.

Anybody got any nice ideas for retail therapy etc right now? Usually by this time I'd have been to Japan once or twice and hit up a bunch of book offs and come away with a bunch of fun stuff, and obviously this year I'm stuck inside!

Let's share some nice things you can get, maybe I'll make a list and keep adding to it:

  • - cds
  • - "perfect guide" catalogs (snes, MD, pc engine, saturn, etc)
  • - blu rays (I got the [Blood of Heroes LD transfer]( recently)
  • What else!?

    Update: turns out I actually paid shipping on that last order so maybe everything I just said is irrelevant oops

    I‘ve considered buying old games that haven’t been dumped yet off Amazon Japan. I‘ve only considered it because I don’t have the equipment to actually dump these games.

    The fact that you can link an account is still handy to know in general. I‘m not sure what I’d get on there beyond what you already listed… especially new things.

    I have a friend that's deep into song of fire and ice, so I may see about picking up some of the novels on there since the covers are absolutely gorgeous in Japan.

    Art books and game/anime mooks! As long as Amazon is the distributor, their international shipping fees are pretty decent, and it‘s faster than getting an item from someone based in Japan on Amazon US (not sure about other regions). I’ll usually check for art books/mooks on Amazon JP, since even with shipping, they'll more often than not be cheaper than the US equivalent from a retailer selling import books.

    It's also not limited to just released stuff, either, there's a pretty decent amount of older books ranging back to the early 90s on there. It gets a little harry, though, the more obscure you get, but there's always Mandarake's international website for that, which is also highly recommended.

    Just yesterday I grabbed the recently released second Takehiko Inoue illustrations book for Slam Dunk, and the Art of COBRA for Space Adventure COBRA book. Really excited to dive into those.

    Ahhhh, I should try to get some game mooks up in here. I really want that shining force CD one but it‘s only available used! I’m guessing there aren‘t gonna be a lot of brand new sega cd and saturn mooks for me to buy……… but! let’s find out.

    I bought a buncha junk recently from AmazonJP thanks to the Game Gear Micro being an Amazon JP/Sega Shop/and some other store exclusive.

    My GETS:

    An HDMI switch box shaped like a Mega CD (presumably for the MD Mini, but I needed one anyway, so figured I'd get a Sega-themed one)

    A Dreamcast, Saturn, and Mega Drive-shaped wireless phone charger. I figure I could leave one in my bedroom, bathroom, and GF's place and charge anytime/everywhere.

    A Mega Drive Mini-themed carrying case. I'll probably put my Switch inside it instead though, if it fits:

    Besides this, before they started shipping game stuff internationally, I got a lot of good books from here. I picked up lots of rare Nirasawa artbooks; would recommend if you like Kamen Rider monsters and the SMT IV guest monster designs.

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  • Not sure what those mystery dots are there at the end, but that‘s a lot of Sega stuff!!

    Which mini did you get, the columns one? If I were gonna get any, I guess that’d be it…

    Like everyone else I picked up the Saturn Perfect Catalogue as well as a Dreamcast charger, New Horizons Perfect Guide & Akira UHD (and pre-ordered the GG MicroBlack). I'm pleasantly surprised by the size of the Saturn catalogue, I was expecting it to be smaller like the recent Dreamcast mook release.

    Also I thought that the Dreamcast charger LED was always blue, but it's actually the proper red when there isn't a device actually charging. The details on it are actually way nicer than expected as well.


    that charger is pretty cute… I‘ve got that dreamcast one too, I was surprised it was so small! I wonder if a more recent version has emerged that’s a bit more substantial. I still do feel the Saturn one could be a whooooole lot bigger though.

    Just got the 15th Anniversary Sappukei CD a week or so ago and it was totally painless!

    Those Otomo Complete Works are lookin mighty tasty. If anyone else has gotten them, I'd love to know if they're worth it.

    Awesome thred I wish I‘d found sooner!

    I’ve been buying from for a while - when they announced global shipping =) Over the years I've ordered a few random bits, but as this is really another (great) Sega thread I will show one special order I got:

    [BEST HIT CHRONICLE SEGA Saturn (HST-3200)](

    Not usually a fan of building models but this was a lot easier than I expected and out of the disc labels I could use, had to pick NiGHTS for it:

    They also did a PS1 model which I got and a cup noodle, but I've never found models four or five from the collection.

    @“Tom of the Fog”#p140349 I‘d go for amazon jp more often if we didn’t have to pay an additional 16€ minimum in shipping and tax on every order. . .

    @“diogo”#p145788 I usually try and get things I find there elsewhere but like this little beauty I couldn't resist.

    And I think shipping was more expensive than the card itself, but this wasn't the card that I wanted, it was the one I needed!

    Their Square Enix shop has amazing stuff but if you wait long enough some makes it to their EU store in limited stock.