Stuff you’ve done that your both proud of and a little embarrassed by

I did this daiso puzzle while visiting my brother in LA. It was tiny and The quality was terrible so the wrong fit Was possible on many pieces.

I used to play competitive DDR back in the early Socal days. The Sega Dreamcast that I own was won from a tournament in Riverside lol, and DDR is also one of the two times I ever got to visit the famous Southern Hills Golfland

this is super embarrassing, I knew nothing of dancing in high school / early college lol. But watching this now I actually kinda wanna revisit these moves and try pulling them off better lol

300+ hours of Phantom Dust single player on the xbox.

Maybe getting the Big Boss Emblem in Metal Gear Solid 4? You have to beat the game in like four hours on the hardest difficulty with no alerts and no kills. Had to strictly follow a guide and I reset a lot. It was not fun and my roommates frequently made note of the fact that I was torturing myself for nothing.

I did this because I wanted the Big Boss face camo, which makes you look like a spooky skinned-face man. Enemies who see you immediately drop their weapons and start screaming hysterically. It's honestly really funny and it was kinda worth it

@p3ters#4152 that rules man. I loved DDR in highschool.

hmm…lots of rhythm game talk coming up in here. I'll join in. There was a time when I was real good at Guitar Hero. Mostly just played the first 3 games on PS2 and kinda stopped after that.

i haven't played it again for real in about 10 years, and the few times I have tried, I was real bad.

Fun fact: this actually works:

This interview: news

where I wouldn't let the team off the hook for showcasing prepubescent sexuality and just kept pushing it. I'm glad I did it! but it is a little embarrassing to read now and imagine their squirming faces as I kept at it.

I had the top spot on the PS4 Time Tunnel Caravan (5 min) mode. It took under 15 mins with a couple of throwaway, just for fun credits. I saw BBH get the top spot when he was streaming a while later and realised that there are actually some strategies you could put in place to improve things further (best time to die on purpose, best time to clear the stage to get the remaining bonus points whilst not going to st.2 as you lose 20+ seconds watching the stage intro etc)

Between testing the various, semi-random spawns the game can give you at the start of each life and working out the various timings required for the maximum potential score etc I reckon I spent about 15hrs+ on a lazy Saturday in order to gain 1440 points in a game that's 5 mins long, that no-one, including me, really gives a shit about. Still got the top spot though

Would probably have to say a sincere game I made in the immediate aftermath of my grandfather's death that also was a riff on a stupid call of duty meme “Press F to Pay Respects” that I posted to a long-gone game developer forum but resulted in me getting written about by Rock Paper Shotgun and Kotaku for the first time

It's embarrassing because there actually isn't much *to* the game, and I will occasionally try to bring it up during my job hunt hoping that whoever's reading my application knows what Rock Paper Shotgun in and how significant it is to have a game covered there. And it sort of wasn't meant to be that in the first place, and it was released back in 2014 and I've since had *another* game featured on RPS. I don't know. I guess I hate to bring it up.

A few years back I interviewed the late Actor’s Studio legend and Holocaust survivor Jack Garfein at the Criterion Collection offices in NY. I’d never done a professional interview before in my life or received any kind of journalistic instruction at all, and I didn’t have the slightest clue or direction on how to edit the 90+ minutes of conversation for a written feature. I was also brand-spanking new to actually getting published, and I think my prose in the introductory segment was probably a little purpler and more convoluted than I would like it.

All that said, it was still a powerful experience and I’m proud of it, so here it is if anyone’s curious

Talking with Steve Wozniak about games for over an hour in the tiny Apple booth at E3 1999 and not realizing it was Steve Wozniak until that evening.

At one point I asked him if he worked for Apple an he replied nah I used to but these days I am just a fan.

Finished this yesterday. I think SS DMD is a step too far for me. Celebrating with a pie from Pizzeria Dante.

A bit over 8 years ago, I had finished library school but was having trouble finding a job. I was getting generally really frustrated with things and wanted to do SOMETHING to channel that frustration. I had the idea to make an RPG Maker game based on what I was feeling called “Unemployment Quest” where you would equip resumes and cover letters and do battle with online application forms and your own sense of shame and despair. I was always kind of enamored by stories of the early days of game development where folks like Richard Garriot could make a simple little dungeon-crawl game, sell it in plastic baggies, and somehow end up a major success. So even though physical media was already passe, I wanted to make CD-ROM versions to sell at an artist alley of a convention. I wasn‘t doing too hot financially, so I made a Kickstarter with the hope that I could at least cover the cost of a run of discs.

The game ended up being way more successful than I thought would be possible and ended up getting written up in places like US News and World Report and Destructoid.

Unfortunately, a lot of people were really upset at the idea of someone making money off an RPG Maker game, especially since I was just using the including visual assets and I got trolled in a way I totally wasn’t used to. Since the game was so personal for me the trolling really got under my skin.

That paired with the fact that the game is such a personal encapsulation of my mindset 8 years ago make me cringe when I revisit it in any way, even just writing this post. I‘m maybe more than a little embarrassed by it. But I am kind of proud of the fact that my little RPG Maker game found an audience, made some money, and exists in the world on physical media that’s more stable than a CD-R.

And I figure I should share my rhythm game pride/shame because before the Covid-19 pandemic put my arcade trips on hiatus, I'd play DDR and Beatmania IIDX multiple times a week. I used to think I was good at DDR because I could clear MAX 300 but then I found out that the hardcore players consider that song too easy to even serve as a warmup. At the start of the year I was *kind of* comfortable playing level 16 songs, though after my several-month long break I doubt I could clear an 11 without huffing and puffing. But I try to keep the community at an arm's length aside from a couple personal friends becuase it gives me anxiety to hear people saying things like "ugh, I can't believe I got GREATS on a song that's only a level 15, I suck" when I'm all "I consider even PASSING a level 15 to be an accomplishment and full comboing it beyond what I can even dream of"
I don't feel embarrassed by IIDX because everyone who plays that game understands it's absolutely a brutal struggle and being able to play it at all takes dedication.

When XIII released for xbox it had ranked multiplayer as well as unranked. The weekend following the release, me and a friend played ranked basically non-stop.

A combination of two weapons exploded me to the top of the ranked charts. A revolver that was an instant kill on a head shot (I got extremely good at sweeping at eye level and timing my fire as I scanned past peoples heads), and a grenade that you could either throw, or (often more hilariously and effectively) simply drop at your feet and walk away from. Weapons always spawned at the same locations so I'd stick close to where grenades spawned both as ammo for myself and to use it as bait for others. Through maintaining engagement distance for the revolver and dropping a grenade at my feet and running anytime someone tried to get a drop on my position, by the end of the weekend I was globally ranked #18.

Two weeks later I would attempt to play ranked again and all the lobbies were dead (possibly because it couldnt find anyone else at a high enough level for me? But I think because the unranked lobbies were more convenient for people, in general). I saw only one other player in a ranked game. I went back to stomping people in unranked.

@Nemoide sounds like you‘ve encountered a couple toxic communities right there! that’s a shame, I wish you could revel in your success rather than be hounded for it.

I played FF7R last year and loved it, so then I played FF7 (for the first time) and loved it even harder. I didn‘t have a playstation back in the day to play it on, so, to make up for lost time, I made an 00s AMV-ish tribute video with grimy footage I stole from other people’s youtube videos. it's very dumb! but I had a good time and would like to try more video editing stuff.


You probably new some of my friends, like Ed, creator of Bemanistyle! I still hang with them and play bemani games, meeting lots of homies from these times haha! I‘m younger than most of the people from this scene, but I started playing Pop’n in 2008 when I lived in FL, and when I moved to socal I went to anywhere I could to play pop'n, like arcade infinity.

I guess I'm embarassed/proud of how drunk I was the night I met Hirokazu Tanaka, Imakuni, Takeshi Yokemura, Soichi Terada and more all at the same party.

The most embarrassing / proud thing that I can think of is playing 1,100 hours of Pokémon Diamond / Pearl over the course of about three years. I'd got super into competitive battling and would attend as many tournaments as I could afford to travel to.

Back in my rambunctious college days, I went to Las Vegas to compete in the evo fighting game tournament. My fan club of mom, dad, and brother cheered me on.