Super Guns! JAMMA setups! PCBs! Oh my!

Just wanted to see… what are people doing for playing JAMMA, MVS, CPS, all those arcade board whatsits?

I've had a MAS Supernova for two decades now and, truth be told, it's perfectly fine. But I gotta admit: seeing all the cool custom builds that people are doing as well as the stuff that China is putting out there to accommodate the growing arcade collector population is leaving me wanting.

Check out this guy's work, for example!

Definitely a far cry from my big ole box which is... honestly, perfectly functional. And it's a good platform for arcade PCBs but... [upl-image-preview url=//]

Well, you know my setup is actually a candy cab… I hope other folks have some more interesting results though. I've seen some folks use a neo geo AES shell? That seems like a fun if unweildy idea.

I‘ve never owned or even used one so I probably won’t be in this thread much.

I did however see some. I think Sigma‘s lineup is really pleasing. I like the look of the Sigma Raijin. The Sigma Pro Sticks seem really nice. I would have been tempted to buy a Sigma Pro Stick to use with normal systems had I seen any of the old ones with older connectors. It’d be great to have two of those hooked up to a Super Famicom or a Sega Saturn.

For a time I did have a Neo-Geo AES for the home arcade experience, and it was swell.
I'm definitely not in the target audience for these. The exposed wires freak me out.

@sklathill#473 If I‘m interested in getting into this whole scene, is there a particularly good place you’d recommend starting?

If there's a game you like, just dive into it and learn about it. Make it happen? :slight_smile:

I guess for me, there were a couple of things that I was interested in where emulation either wasn't doing it for me or was actually just not happening at all. Stuff like the Hyper Neo Geo 64 and AtomisWave back in the day. I just decided to dive in and research what it took to do these things, since that data wasn't particularly available or convenient. Discovering things like early Hyper Neo boards will fry your JAMMA connector if you don't have an auxiliary power because of the current draw or realizing that you still need to wire up a harness in order to access the 5th button on AtomisWave games. Find something you want to learn more about and do it... and maybe making that Super Gun happen will be the way to learn it.

I think James means where to get started with the supergun thing!!

Oh man! If that's the case… :laughing:

There are forums where besides discussion, individuals will make stuff for you to buy, including superguns. Arcade Project comes to mind:

But you can also grab a used Super Gun from wherever (Ebay!) or the stuff that's coming from China actually looks pretty good! Even if it is kinda sorta stealing ideas that come out of that Arcade Project forum I linked you to... 😆 You can search for things like JAMMA CBOX on Amazon if you're interested.

You can also try to build one yourself! I remember thinking I would do that many years ago, and I ended up failing miserably! I went as far as desoldering some Sony RGB encoders only to fry them. 😆