Super PCgrafx16 CD music

I‘ve been listening to some Turbo Engine music recently, and there’s some good stuff.

Labyrinth from Timeball is quite good

Magical Chase is of course excellent:

Break In has some good tunes as well:

Falcom's CD music is excellent as well, Dragon Slayer 2 being my favorite:

I'm curious though, what else is there?!

dragon slayer 2 is tough to beat yeah

I like the "perfect" ver of the ys IV soundtrack a lot

was going to post the legend of xanadu JDK album but by the looks of it that game never had a pc engine release....

Kind of a boring and obvious pick but I prefer the PCE version of Ys 1+2 a whole lot more than the Yuzo Koshiro originals.

Just check THE FUNK

Wow! that YS IV track was incredible!

That Ys 1 and 2 track was also quite nice. It made me realize I need to dig into Yuzo Koshiro more…

Also, I may have accidentally found an alternate version of that YS IV track. Same arranger, just slightly different:

at least i think it's different maybe i was fooled by myself uh

Will gladly recycle HD Remaster a post from last month in the gargantuan game music thread.

Recently [finished Tengai Makyō II]( and that 1992 soundtrack from Hisaishi, Fukuda and Tanaka is BONKERS!!, both in quality but also in sheer size: 20+ redbook tracks, 80+ PSG tracks.

The early "world map" tune is on a class of its own and worth Joe Hisaishi’s possibly indecent paycheck by itself. Just try to remember (or for the younger ones: research) the context of what an average 1992 video game sounded like on other consoles.

This soundtrack (and the rest of the game) really makes you understand better ① why Squaresoft was in panic mode against the CD-ROM and begging Nintendo to release a Super Famicom CD-ROM ② why Uematsu and the rest of their sound team got pressured into producing some of their best work on the SFC despite obvious cartridge limitations and ③ why they eventually fled to PlayStation.

... To which @"KennyL"#454 judiciously replied that the soundtrack of Tengai Makyō II’s sequel / spin-off **Fūun Kabukiden** also had an excellent soundtrack, this time by Tanaka Kōhei of Sakura Wars fame. The title track which opens the video below is probably my favorite PC Engine bit of music.

@“NoJoTo”#p41750 I‘ve been playing around with a VST and this first video with all the separate waveforms visualized is amazing for helping me figure out how to recreate sounds I’m interested in :o I would not have guessed square waveform for the kicks in the bottom right track.

@“Droqen”#p41860 There‘s a buncha channels that upload videos like that, just search ’Oscilloscope view‘ on youtube and you’ll probably find them.

I really love those Tengai Makyou soundtracks. Super high production!

Fighting Street is one of the first PCE CD games and they really... punched up the soundtrack. Very jingly, very nice on headphones.

[Metamor Jupiter ost]( is great all around with fantastic ending song by PSY S.

Dragon Slayer field music is nice and groovy

Ys II OP music gets me pumped

Fantastic track by Yoko Kanno

Some random assortment


Four great tracks that come to mind.

**Linda^3** has that really cool field map theme with four different variants depending on the season of the year, and the Summer version _Summer Beat_ is an absolute banger.

② Stage 1 of **Gate of Thunder** is a classic of video games hard rock.

③ The **Panic Bomber** arrangement of the familiar Bomberman theme is a true production gem and possibly the only reason one won’t go crazy with the game’s basic problem that counter mechanics are both too easy to set up and not punishing enough, leading to neverending matches. It’s slightly easier to swallow when this is what loops over and over and over and over and over again.

④ And I am surprised this wonderful battle theme turned Internet meme from **Last Armageddon** has not been posted yet.

@“KennyL”#p41965 wow what a selection. thank you! the Yoko Kanno track is just phenomenal

Wow! So much music! (Almost to much…

keyword is almost, though so kill me with more music i guess)