Take the Demonschool challenge

Guess the release date and msrp of upcoming tactics rpg Demonschool. No editing posts allowed! One guess and that’s it. Whoever is closest without going over wins a free steam key!*

My guess:

12/25/2023 (Christmas), $12.25

*may be incorrect



@"yeso"#385 - 12/25/2023, $12.25

@穴 - 12/13/2023, $29.99

@"Video Game King"#136 - Next week [12:01 AM, Sunday 11/5/2023] "to the Planck second" (not going to worry about what
that means unless the game is released on 11/5), no MSRP selected (free?)

@"RubySunrise"#864 - 1/25/2024, $29.99

@"connrrr"#502 - 4/20/2024 $69.69

@"Karasu"#65 - 2/14/2024, $32.00

@"LeFish"#591 - 04/5/2024, £24.99

@"rejj"#455 - 12/1/2023, $45.00 aud ("dollarydoos" - The Simpsons)

@"deepspacefine"#1200 - 12/15/2023 (Bonk Day), $24.99

@"bwood"#982 - 4/8/2024, $29.99

@"wickedcestus"#185 - 9/9/99, $199.00

@"connierad"#398 - 2/2/2024, $39.99

@"Coffinwarehouses"#1237 - 2/14/2024, $19.99

@"Tradegood"#510 - 3/12/2024, $29.99

@"treefroggy"#449 - No date selected, "income-based pricing model"

@"captain"#258 - 2/22/2024, $29.99

@"Mnemogenic"#750 - "When Orion is high in the sky, and the Ibis have flown away" [implied: January to March], $24.99

@"DaveedNoo"#503 - 11/16/[year not specified]. $23.49

@"palo"#574 - 12/31/2023, $39.99

@"Toph"#1364 - 3/15/2024, [price not specified]

@"xhekros"#418 3/20/2024, €39.99

@dylanfills 1/11/2024, $26.99

12/13/2023, $29.99

Next week, to the Planck second.

01/25/24. $29.99.

I'm editing here to just write out the date in full, because I was born the US and stubbornly wrote the date month/day/year. Ahem: January 25th, the year twenty-twenty-four.

20/04/24 69.69

2/14/2024, $32.00

For the avoidance of day/month confusion: April 5th 2024, £24.99.


@“LeFish”#p138624 confussion

confussion or a way to get two guesses?

2023-12-01, $45aud

(hopefully! I'd love to see it this year. I fear people guessing 2024 are more likely correct however)

disgusting to see this forum debase itself with shameless corporatism. (jkjk I'm really excited for demonschool and keep randomly thinking about it while replaying old tactics games in my head)

Dec. 15 2023 - $24.99

April 8, 2024. $29.99

I don't mean to be so close to LeFish's guess, but my guess is based on when school starts in Japan and 666 being upside down in the 29.99. (9.99 and 19.99 seem too cheap based on what I've seen of the demo. 66.60 seems too much.)

9/9/99 for $199

@“deepspacefine”#p138633 a birthday present for @treefroggy!!


Feb 2nd 2024 39.99 USD (either 49.99 or 54.99 CAD)

February 14th, 2024 - $19.99 USD

Demonschool is for lovers.


launch price: $26.49 (15% discount)

msrp: $29.99

@“bwood”#p138638 I like this logic. I think only she knows what the launch date will be:


@“the rocky connrrr picture show”#p138643 nice!


I think that the game will be "income-based pricing" or an "income-based pricing model." This pricing strategy takes into account a customer's income or financial situation when determining the price of goods or services. It's often used in the context of providing discounts or subsidies to individuals with lower incomes to make products or services more affordable for them.
I'm open to trading EBT for 50 cents on the dollar for a copy of the game. (facetiously)


@“treefroggy”#p138652 I think that the game will be “income-based pricing” or an “income-based pricing model.”

this but with the release date. demonschool will come out when you individually need it the most.

@“穴”#p138661 well I need it to be out right now, so I wish this were true