Tamagotchi Kunio Connection

I'm searching for the missing link between the Tamagotchi Game Boy and Kunio Game Boy games. They use the same sound effects, but Tamagotchi was developed by Tom Create and Kunio is Technos, all allegedy according to wikipedia.

in that regard this is just a throwaway thread for getting to the bottom of this.

Without beating both games and checking the credits, anyone have any ideas?

I didn't notice this until I started getting into Kunio in the past couple years. I had a Game Boy Pocket very early in life (age 6) and had Tamagotchi when it came out, have since played all the Japan-exclusive ones so needless to say the very specific style of animations and SFX is ingrained on my brain during the most plastic-y times.

The sound of a Tamagotchi chomping away at food is the exact same sound as Kunio's fist slamming into somebodies face.......

and maybe it's the Game Boy-iness of the graphics, but the in game tamagotchi's GB-specific expressions seem to be at scale with Kunio and his chibi expressiveness (^_^) (^o^) ╰(*°▽°*)╯


There are dozens upon dozens of mid/late-era GB/C games with audio by a specific team of Technos alum that included Kazuo Sawa and the late Michiya Hirasawa, and the music to that Tamagotchi music definitely strikes me as one of their works.

if it helps, we have the credits for Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun: Bangai Rantōhen available.

I can't find any [Tamagochi](https://www.mobygames.com/game-group/tamagotchi-games) Game Boy credits on MobyGames.

@“gsk”#p75874 Thanks G that 100% answers the question, haha. Thread solved!

Obviously I have a soft spot for the (surprisingly great?) sounds in these games, so I am gonna look into all the other stuff related to it!

If you want ex-Technos overload, check out Blade and/or X-Men Mutant Wars for GBC—they absolutely reek of old Technos, not just aurally but visually, too:


@“gsk”#p76074 The irony to me is that seeing 90% of technos nostalgia is from Double Dragon and adjacents, while 100% of my own technos nostalgia is from a criminally underrated series of virtual pet games. :joy: and yet, it is the same.