TDE: play-testers for twitch version wanted inquire within

mods can we get a special web 1.0 visual aesthetic for this thread for maximum authenticity please

@“Snowdecahedron”#p58426 yeah I guess we'll see what happens with the defending rules. I was hoping to provide some way to mitigate the F5 advantage. At the very least it should be annoying


@“Snowdecahedron”#p58426 maybe it would be better if the rounds were always 8 or 6 hours long

I feel like we can negotiate this with some communication and common sense, and depending on who's in the game maybe a particular game will stick to regular 8 hr intervals, but that might also slow things down needlessly. We'll see how it goes


@“seasons”#p58423 double team situation

No double teams, only 1 v 1 defending.


@“yeso”#p58334 Each ROUND consists of the length of time it takes all active players to GUESS or ASK A QUESTION, or an eight (8) hour window.

This is not extremely relevant because I assume most rounds will end after the eight hour window has passed but in case not, how are we definining who are the active players?

@“Syzygy”#p58440 oh crap I forgot to finish my site

@“穴”#p58441 anyone who participates at any point is an active player

@“yeso”#p58414 I’m fine with anything really - you’re the commissioner. Was just selfishly realising that 10pm-6am basically prevents me from taking part. Anything that pushed things earlier (or later) by even a couple of hours would be great for me, and I assume other euro people.

Your alternative schedule would work for me, but does it mess things up for other people?

@"billy "#p58453

So let's do 2:00PM Central / 8:00 PM GMT / 5:00AM Japan Standard tomorrow. I don't there's a fully convenient time option but I think it'll work out and we can always course correct

Also, if people want to toggle the setting for email notifications, I can tag everyone for a heads up when the next round will be posted

Is there a strong reason for limiting to 8 hours? I feel like that is guaranteed to screw a timezone up somewhere, no matter where you try to place it. 12 hours, while slowing everything down potentially by an extra 50%, probably overlaps enough around the globe to not exclude anyone.

That being said I think I want to participate but I am not afraid to admit that _holy heck_ I am intimidated by that first post and am not sure I really grok it all. I see it has been edited a lot and I'll need to go back and re-read it anyway.

I guess 12 hrs would be OK. My thinking was to limit slack time if we're waiting on for example one person to take action.

And the rules are going to make sense once the game starts we'll all figure it out together


@“rejj”#p58458 holy heck I am intimidated by that first post and am not sure I really grok it all.

This is the case for me as well - though for me, learning by example tends to make things like this easier! I plan on sitting out the first round and seeing how things go, then jumping in once I see how everyone else handles it all.

@“yeso”#p58459 I guess it isn't all that high stakes, but maybe a null round would help everyone calibrate to the rules?

@“dylanfills”#p58495 No. Immediate Chaos

[“Forum Thunderdome Extravaganza Match #1”,“Thunderdome Extravaganza Match #1 Begins 2/18 @ 2:00PM Central”]

@“yeso”#p58502 fair enough

it'll be fine

I haven‘t been active in almost a year, but checked the forums just now on a whim and saw we have some massively complicated game/contest thing starting in just over an hour with an actual PRIZE – so I guess it’s time for me to once again return to being an Insert Crediter.

@“saddleblasters”#p58604 welcome home!


@“saddleblasters”#p58604 massively complicated

what the heck???

Well I‘m pretty confused (sunglasses face) but it seems like fully being able to steal a correct guess is not so good and might discourage guessing. Unless I misunderstand, I didn’t see that the correct guesser gets points even if stolen from? Plus then folks will just steal on down the line, no? I think a correct guess should always be rewarded, but maybe it is already.