TDE: play-testers for twitch version wanted inquire within

[size=15]THANKS[/size] We‘re retooling our venerable forum games and making them count. Rules follow, please don’t feel like you need to read them. We‘ll be playing one of our long-running (or new, if you have an idea you’d like to try) forum games, but this time the Stakes Are High: winners will be awarded a [color=red]PRIZE[/color].

**[size=18]GETTING STARTED (SHORT VERSION):[/size]**

Don't be put off by all the rules below, they're more for reference and transparency. If you'd like to play, jump in at ANY TIME by doing one of the following:

[color=deepskyblue]ASK A QUESTION[/color]

and in certain circumstances, a PLAYER may use a **[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]**

Read on for more information about other ACTIONS, rules, and format.

**[size=18]HOW** **TO** **JOIN** **A** **GAME:[/size]**

Players may join any game, in any round, at any time simply by posting one of the ACTIONS listed above. It is to your benefit to play often and consistently, as entering the GAME in the first ROUND will provide you with an initial GUESS worth 3 POINTS, and your LIMIT BREAK will build with each round you participate.

**[size=18]PLAYER ACTIONS:[/size]**

[color=green]GUESS[/color] = the player guesses the game. First GUESSes by STARTERS are worth 3 points, all other GUESSes are worth 1. Note - GUESS resets the **[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]**

[color=deepskyblue]ASK A QUESTION[/color] = the player asks a reasonable question about the game. These are answered at the GM's discretion

[color=orangered]DEFEND[/color] = the player names another player they would like to defend. A defended player may take any action, but if they guess correctly, they will have 1/2 a point subtracted from their score and awarded to the defending player. If the guess is incorrect, the defending player suffers a 1/2 point penalty

[color=purple]FEINT[/color] = the player makes a positive assertion about the game, such as: "this is a PC Engine Game" or, "this is a roguelike." If the assertion is correct, the player receives 1/4 point. If they are wrong, they must sit out the next round. A negative assertion, like "this game wasn't developed by Kojima Productions" will be disregarded.

[color=gray]SKIP[/color] = a null turn, but builds **[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]**

**[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]** = the player can take 3 consecutive ACTIONS of their choice. For example: DEFEND/GUESS/GUESS, or FEINT/FEINT/GUESS. Players build towards their **[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]** by playing consecutive ROUNDS without guessing. The GM posts **[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]** status at the beginning of each ROUND.


A MATCH consists of eleven (11) GAMES, which in turn consist of an indefinite number of ROUNDS

Each GAME begins with a metaphorical JUMP BALL at [u]2:00PM Central / 9:00PM GMT / 5:00AM Japan Standard[/u]

A GAME consists of ROUNDS. Each ROUND consists of the length of time it takes all active players to take an action, or the elapsing of a twelve (12) hour window. After this window closes, players who do not respond forfeit their action for that round and their **[color=magenta]LIMIT BREAK[/color]** depletes.

GAMES continue until a PLAYER submits the correct GUESS.

In the event of a TIE, all tied PLAYERS will play one sudden death ROUND to determine the winner

**[size=18]STARTERS AND BENCH PLAYERS :[/size]**

All players who are active in the first ROUND are considered STARTERS

Players are welcome to enter the game in any ROUND and are considered BENCH PLAYERS. STARTERS begin each GAME with a 3 POINT SHOT, and BENCH PLAYERS do not.


First GUESS 3 pointer sniper kill shot = 3 POINTS*
Correct answer = 1 POINT
STEAL = 0.5 POINTS (only awarded if defending prior to a correct guess)


The PLAYER with the most POINTS accrued over all 11 GAMES is the MATCH WINNER and will receive a [color=gold]VICTORY[/color][color=red] PRIZE[/color]

In the event of a scoring tie after 11 GAMES, a three (3) GAME tie-beaker will ensue. Any subsequent tie will be decided by a single tie-breaker GAME.

**SPECIAL TIE-BREAKER RULE** - During tie-breaker games, the GAME-MASTER will refrain from answering all QUESTIONS until the ROUND ends either by completion of all PLAYER ACTION or time limit.

MATCH winners become the new GAME-MASTER (unless you don't have time, then PM @"yeso"#385)

[color=red]PRIZES[/color] are randomly selected and INSERT CREDIT APPROPRIATE.

**[size=18]GAME-MASTER** **RESPONSIBILITIES:[/size]**

Post prompts for and manage all GAMES and all ROUNDS within your MATCH

  • * if you'd like help such as, for example, generating neural net images, PM @"yeso"#385
  • Choose which QUESTION(S) to respond to. The GAME-MASTER can decide which questions to answer, but **must answer at least one question per round if posed.**

    Choose the HOME COURT ADVANTAGE (pick the start time for your Match, certain times will be more advantageous for certain time zones/regions than others.)

    If you win a MATCH, but don't have the bandwith to GAME-MASTER, or you run out of time mid-MATCH, PM @"yeso"#385

    It is GAME-MASTER's DISCRETION to answer questions and provide hints. No rules, maybe you're the chill type, or maybe you're persnickity.

    **[size=15]*>NOTE ON A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE[/size]**
    -To encourage players to participate throughout the course of MATCHES, even when mathematically eliminated from VICTORY, I will be tracking career POINTS for all PLAYERS. At some point (depending on interest) I will organize a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE competition, including a PLAY-IN system for lower-scoring PLAYERS.

    So, even if you can't win a MATCH, keep trying to put POINTS on the dang board!

    *Note on shipping costs: I'll cover it, but if you want to help out, send a few bucks to one of the FOLLOWING CHARITIES. If you live in a far-flung locale, don't sweat it we'll figure it out

    **additional note: we'll adjust rules and structure as we go

    *A note to newer members and the posting-shy: we'd love to have you participate!

    *A note to everyone: we're on the honor system here so no cheating. Not sure how anyone can actually cheat, but I'll know if you do and will put a Polish curse on you

    *Please speak up if you have any suggestions about rules and procedures.

    @"Syzygy"#279 would you please pin this thread if you can ty

    What's for dinner though

    @“treefroggy”#p58349 vegetarian paprikash

    In the immortal words of internet video game man: My body is ready

    It’s me, a posting-shy forum member who is gonna try and participate

    @yeso please put a Polish blessing on @“shlootermcgavin”#p58389 and all post-shy forum members


    @“yeso”#p58334 Each GAME begins with a metaphorical JUMP BAL

    Luckily I'm metaphorically 7 feet tall

    please review updated rules about scoring, starters, and bench players. I'm full on calvin-balling over here

    and to keep the pace reasonable, all rounds after the first will end when all active players take an action and the game-master responds. No need to wait 8 hours after the tip off I think

    also added DEFEND and SKIP under PLAYER ACTIONS

    I will be tracking detailed stats and sabermetrics btw

    Feel like European forum users are being punished for Rare and Gremlin’s crimes. Could the 8-hour window be slightly longer or the starting time adjusted plus or minus a couple of hours?

    @"billy "#p58412 sure what's a more reasonable time for you?

    The other option could be 8:00am Central / 2:00pm London / 11:00pm Tokyo. That would make US west coast 6:00am, and I know we have a number of people out there.

    I'm hoping the one action per round and DEFEND rules help mitigate any time disadvantages


    @“yeso”#p58334 *IMPORTANT NOTE: first guess correct answers are worth 3 points for STARTERS for the duration of the GAME and for guesses made by SIXTH PERSONS are worth 3 points only during the first FOUR (4) ROUNDS, and worth 1 point thereafter.

    To clarify, this rule leaves open the possibility of asking several useful questions before shooting one's 3-pointer?

    I love these rules and would be happy if they became as byzantine as possible

    @“baftaboo”#p58415 correct, starting players can bank their 3 point shot by asking a question, defending, or skipping a round


    @“yeso”#p58334 to DEFEND, a PLAYER must call out which other PLAYER they are defending. A defended PLAYER’S correct GUESS will be have 0.5 POINTS subtracted from its value. If a player DEFENDS against a correct GUESS prior to it being made, this will result in a STEAL, meaning the 0.5 POINT subtraction will be awarded to the defending player. HOWEVER, if a defended player’s guess is wrong, the DEFENDER receives a 0.5 POINT PENALTY. A defended PLAYER’S question cannot be answered by the GAME MASTER.

    Apologies for my ignorance... can you give an example of a DEFEND? I understand what will happen to whose points if a defense is made, but not what may be defended.

    Defending when the guess is known:

    2:20PM - Captain guesses: Kirby Air Ride
    2:45PM - Yeso: Defend v Captain

    Kirby's Air Ride is correct! Captain receives 0.5 Points

    Defending prior to guess with opportunity to Steal with a Correct Guess:

    11:15AM - Yeso: Defend V Captain

    4:20PM - Captain (3 point shot) guesses: Kirby's Air Ride

    Guess is Correct! Captain receives 2.5 points. Yeso receives 0.5 Points (Steal)

    Defending Prior To Guess with incorrect Guess:

    4:21 PM Yeso: defends against Captain

    4:22 PM Captain guesses: Kirby Air Ride

    Incorrect! Yeso is penalized 0.5 points

    My thinking is that, if a player is pre-emptively defended and confident of their guess, they can either take reduced points, wait a turn until they're no longer defended, or submit an intentionally wrong guess and essentially take a half point from the defender. That might be worth doing, but opens the possibility for another player to submit the correct guess

    What happens in a double team situation? Can multiple players defend the same player?

    All is clear, thank you


    2:20PM - Captain guesses: Kirby Air Ride

    > 2:45PM - Yeso: Defend v Captain


    Kirby’s Air Ride is correct! Captain receives 0.5 Points

    I think it would feel pretty bad to be Captain in this situation, having the correct guess but getting reduced points because Yeso managed to defend before the game master announced Captain's victory, if I understand correctly.

    Also, maybe it would be better if the rounds were always 8 or 6 hours long, so the time they start is the same each day. In the current implementation seems like you have to be online really often to check whether a round has ended and you can guess again.