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Certs were discontinued in 2018 because the US government banned partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil as a food ingredient.

I was putting off backing up my PMs because I didn’t know how I was going to go about it and then @kory told me he’d printed them all to PDF and now I’m done. If you scroll up to the top and back down so a whole conversation is in your browser’s memory then you can export the whole thing to one file. I hope this helps someone!!

(Saving an HTML file from your browser seems to work too but then you need to keep a folder in the same directory full of the associated images.)


I kept waffling on a pre-order for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set. I’m new to the hobby and I love Standard. I went so far as to pre-order it twice, but I ultimately decided to skip it.

I cannot find it within myself to maintain excitement for a western theme; my least favorite of genres.

It has a lot of dumpy art and lame jokes.

I guess my point here is I, a medically recognized impulsive person, am glad that I had enough clarity and stillness to not purchase this.


This is the second set in a row I’m skipping. I’ve been playing since the 90s and got back into the game big time in the past couple of years, but these last two are just aggressively not for me. Bloomburrow looks more my speed, but I’m going to have to wait and see the cards

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Bloomburrow has me excited. There is a lot I’m not entirely privy to as far as design and business decisions, but a few things I have seen in MKM and now Thunder Junction have me tempering that excitement for Bloomburrow. My first set was LCI, the last set with draft boosters. I don’t like prologues, I certainly don’t like Play Boosters.

I came into just about every card I wanted, but over half of those cards are in these ugly alternate art styles.

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Yeah, I was much more excited for Bloomburrow before we started seeing Thunder Junction previews, haha. I’ve not picked up any Play Boosters yet, but I was normally buying Set Boosters since they introduced those, so there won’t be as much of a stark difference for me

But I’ve definitely not been a big fan of the last several alternate frame treatments they’ve done. They’re printing too many variants these days and it makes them all much less cool, IMO

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It is a lot of guaranteed foils that’ll curl, and because there are more alternate styles than “regular” styles you’ll get those, too.

Even if I am interested in a set, I now have no need for boosters because the likelihood I’ll get the card I want in the style I want is miniscule.

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Buying singles is definitely the way to go for specific cards. I like building out my collection and enjoy opening packs, so I’ll usually buy a box of each set as a treat, but the lion’s share of what I spend on the game is on the singles market for sure

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At the dinner table my wife tells me of the recent goings-on at her workplace, and I regale her with the latest happenings on


if super mario maker is a video game, is lunar magic also a video game?

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How to (occasionally) steal expensive shit from Amazon:

Step 0: It probably helps to have Amazon Prime but I have had it for a long time so I can’t confirm if it actually makes a difference

Step 1: Order something you want

Step 2: Wait until it arrives and you successfully receive the package

Step 3: Go on to their customer service chat and whine about how you didn’t receive the package even though the courier reported it as delivered, probably because it was stolen, and not because the courier didn’t deliver it. Basically you have to get the customer service rep in a position where they basically have to admit that using 3rd party couriers who just leave packages wherever the fuckin fuck is not a good idea (because it isn’t). In this case I pretended that because I wasn’t home when the package was delivered, because it was delivered at 4:45pm on a Saturday, and I had no option to get things delivered from Amazon in a way where I could just sign for a package as is sensible.

Step 3.5: Go on about how this sucks so much and you want to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription (which I probably should anyway tbh, I rarely order things from Amazon these days).

Step 4: Laugh when the customer service rep, surely as directed to by their company policies, rolls over immediately and gives you a full refund with no real questions asked.

Step 5: Wait maybe 6 months to a year to do it again, they aren’t completely stupid.

The above is a work of satire/parody/farce and does not constitute legal advice, life advice, instructions, or moral philosophy of any kind whatsoever. The use of a first person pronoun does not constitute the usage of a sincere self reference to the author. Side effects may include having nice things you did not pay money for


the link click counter/tracker that’s part of the new forum is really funny. four of us clicked a link to go to the website we’re already on.


love how 4 people clicked this link


@joyousfrog lol!

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I hope Mrs. Wickedcetus is doing as well as she can with what is going on in the world. I think about how correct she is about 1Q84 often.

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She’s thriving. She’s erased 1Q84 from her mind and I will never bring it up to her again.


When you think about it, the Earth blocks your view of the sun every day, but no one makes a fuss about that


Remember how the voice actor for Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts was Lance Bass from NSYNC

EDIT: I am not an insane person, this is the truth


I hate silent migraines.


Cardinals and finches belong to different families but grosbeaks can be from either one.