Terry Bogard's (and potentially others') playlist.

Hello everyone, some of you may be familiar with Terry Bogard, the protagonist of the fighting game series Fatal Fury. According to the SNK wiki, by the time of Mark of the Wolves his favorite kind of music is country. What kind of country music do you think Mark of the Wolves-era Terry likes most? What's on his playlist? Personally, I see this:


And think "That's a man who loves Waylon Jennings." Espec 70s Waylon Jennings:


Terry Boagard is a charismatic and friendly fellow. He bears no ill will towards anyone except for Geese Howard who killed his adoptive father. This has led him to be very protective of those who have also lost loved ones in conflict.

He and Blue Mary have formed a strong bond through loss. Blue Mary lost her lover, Butch, to terrorists, and they've since worked together fighting doers of evil. He's got a thing for her, but he knows that he'd get in the way of her commitment to police work. He also feels it'd be wrong to ask her out. She still wears Butch's leather jacket after all.

They call Terry _The Legendary Wolf_ for his fierce tenacity and protective spirit, but deep inside, he knows that his connection with this nickname is rooted in a sense of cold loneliness. Terry Bogard is a big fan of Gary Stewart's _She's Acting Single_.



I was hoping somebody who'd spent more time thinking about Terry as a character specifically within Fatal Fury canon than me would reply, this is good ty.