The Bad Sounds

I have loved Deathsmiles for years but I guess never played it with headphones because I just tried and wanted to die (in game) as fast as possible. The enemy death sound is like someone squeezing the last bit out of a ketchup packet. Which activated my misophonia. Wow that is absolutely a real word iOS! I guess noticing that I had a mild case of this is another thing I can thank insert credit for.

Wow this game I have sunk hundreds of hours into was unbearable to me just now. This is the curse of playing games on headphones to not wake up a baby.

I can't think of the others but there was another game in the past year that the walking sound made be scream and have to throw my headphones off.

This is the PC version maybe I can go in and switch out the sound file.

I‘m not going to link anything with eating or wet noises, but I’ve got some other bad/annoying sounds that come to mind:

SO MANY steps/walking sounds, all of which are terrible, why

The shooting sounds in the rayxanber series are just like... I think this person couldn't hear tones in the higher register or something!?

what the heck. I love those games but dang.

@exodus#5614 that rayxarber example is hilarious it sounds like a broken slot machine

I know I've experienced examples like this in the past, but none come to mind right now. All I can come up with are tangential examples. First, this little reaction shot I use often:


And more substantially, I have an experience with bad images in _Tetrisphere_. This game is, to my memory, the only game I've ever played that made my eyes hurt - not in the sense that its art style was unpleasing, but in the sense that playing it would cause my eyes to physically hurt.

Lots of games do the obscured voice thing but I remember finding Okami's particularly annoying.

The typing sounds in The Silver Case can definitely become grating in it's (not rare) wordier parts.

Anji Mito’s victory pose in Guilty Gear XX for PS2. Something went wrong. It’s played at the wrong volume and digitally clips like hell and it’s awful. modern remakes usually tone it down, but that’s not what I played in college and it makes Anji a troll pick in my mind.

Pokemon Puzzle League's reverb drenched and cacophonous voice samples led to my roommates and I banning certain teams from play in college. Starts 5:55 here, trigger warning for misophonia more or less throughout but especially for Golbat and Krabby

Not that I've played it, but the Ehrgeiz menu sound effect is a classic example of not the worst sound but a terrible application of one.

p.s. God bless the ring

yeah the ring rules

I mean come on we all know the worst offender here.


Shut up, you little shit!

Vintage Square was usually best in class as far as sound design, but the menu cancel sound effect in Final Fantasy VII sounds like literal nails on a chalkboard. Weirdly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else complain about this.

@2501#5720 Um, that‘s because it’s “Good, Actually!” :wink: I can potentially see where you‘re coming from - it’s certainly got some highs that people who may be sensitive to it may find unpleasant. Then again, I‘m 40-something now and probably can’t hear the harmonics that are bothering you anyway!!

I enjoy the hell out of the _FFVII_ UI sounds and I get a feeling of satisfaction with the dismiss sound! It feels like you're done, you have accomplished something and you're off to fight a boss or start a new dungeon with a new party. I always associate that sound with clearing about three layers deep worth of sub-menus.

@antillese#14909 I would describe the menu confirmation sounds from ff1-7 as “creamy”

I think for me it‘s just stuff like the low health chime in Zelda games, any kind of loud, repetitive blinking chimes. Especially if there’s someone else in the room with a lower tolerance for annoying video game noises and then I feel like I'm being a dick

I‘m not sure if i’m alone on this, but I found a lot of the sound design in Axiom Verge to be kind of shrill and grating, particularly the drill and some of the weapons.

Kane and lynch 2 does bad sound design on purpose. The game presents itself as low grade digital or a shitty upload on a sketchy streaming site, so you have weirdly muffled or abruptly loud voices, too loud ambient noises, that sort of stuff don’t know the technical terms sorry

The default fire sound in VectorMan is kind of a scratchy disaster, and it‘s also the most common sound in the game. And it’s really loud in the mix! I almost admire it, because it fits the game‘s aesthetic of literal trash robots really well, but it keeps me from playing more than a couple levels in a row.

Also, I was recently playing Vulgus and couldn’t understand why my phone kept vibrating, until I realized the bomb fire sound in that game mimics my 21st-century phone perfectly. This is fascinating to me because the sound is annoying to me, almost 40 years after the game's release, for a reason the developers could not possibly have anticipated!

Does the high whine my Toshiba CRT makes when on count?

@connrrr#15194 If you got the same model Toshiba as I do (Component inputs the TV call Color Stream), that whine terrified me for years and then just one days disappeared. So, good luck…