The baking thread AKA the other mortal enemy of video games

NICE! Just got into bread making!

After recently trying a delicious slice (followed by half the loaf) of some homemade wheat bread using home milled flour, and also learning how tremendously nutritious it is, I had to get in the game for myself. Bread/baked goods are my favorite foods in life, and it feels amazing being able to make delicious, healthy bread anytime I want! Now onto learning more recipes and how to utilize different wheat berries, etc.


That slicer!!

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I’ve baked a few loaves now, and I’ve moved on to trying variations on the third one from this recipe page:

I’ve been trying different combinations of flour, as I’d still much prefer to make wholemeal style bread than something purely from white/plain flour. I’ve been messing around with baking times and temperatures – I didn’t like the result from my first attempt with this one where I simply baked as written in the recipe. I think that was a little too hot, and spent a little too much time uncovered versus covered.

I have just taken a fresh loaf out of the oven, and it is sitting on the wire rack cooling presently. This is essentially a 50-50 split (actually 330g wholemeal to 270g bread flour, cause after measuring 300g wholemeal I saw I had only a small amount left so just put it in) between wholemeal and bread flour. Also, the wholemeal that I have is 11.6% protein so it is pretty close to the bread flour in that regard. I’m not ending up with a really slack and wet mess, thankfully!

I was really surprised by how far the scoring opened up while baking! This was just a small-ish + shape formed by a few snips with kitchen scissors in each direction, and it went and opened up all the way.

My idea there was to only score the dough a little bit, thus hopefully allowing it to spring/rise more by not venting steam quickly. I’m also hoping this will help develop a crisper/crustier crust. I’m happy to report that at least the first part of this was a success, my boule has risen quite nicely while baking. Tapping on the bread sounds good, and it feels crusty… I just need to wait a couple of hours and then I can cut in to it and find out how everything turned out.

Home baking is pretty fun and rewarding!


How’d it turn out??

The bread itself came out fine, but I still didn’t get the crust as crispy/crusty as I’d have liked!

Next loaf, I’m going to try spraying a bit of water in with my mist spray bottle thing. I’m baking in a dutch oven with a heavy lid that makes a good seal, so that should help the steam a bit. At least, that is the plan/hope.

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Baguettes are dangerously easy to make