The Gamer's Misinterpretation (FKA the misheard lyrics of games)

I've always found the occasion of mishearing lyrics interesting. It can, for better or worse, give a song a different meaning. It can sometimes give us a funny story or maybe just slightly confuse us.

What I want to know is if there an equivalent to this for playing video james?

P.S. I am absolutely not here to hear about Street Fighter's accidental comboes becoming a system in future games. That would be like an artist remastering a single to include fan favourite lyrics (which has probably already happened).

I think the best example of this is misinterpreting sprites in old games. There‘s tons of examples of this out there frmo Zelda and Pokemon. One of those things where once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

Well this is just an example of the exact thing you‘re talking about, but the Nadesico opening was used in the Saturn game so I’ll count it:

At exactly the 60 second mark she says "you get a bunny"

there's also this (as filtered through anime)

turns out the answer is just "gibberish" which is easily arguable as racist!? It is a little difficult to tell where they were coming from but the fact they originally wanted to do it in japanese kinda clinches it for me.

I always thought the honeycomb sprite in Link‘s Awakening looked like an old woman’s shriveled up shrunken head


I see it! so is that mario in zelda or what.

Like this:

@Syzygy#29894 @exodus#29892 The character is named Tarin and is probably supposed to be reminiscent of Mario, yeah. Especially since they reused his design for a character in Ocarina of Time named Talon, who has a very Luigi-ish brother named Ingo


Oh and he's wearing a Bowser... bolo tie? I'd forgotten about that

this is some pretty odd stuff here. I guess if I looked at a nintendo I would know about this!

@Syzygy#29894 Oh yeah I definitely saw Agahnim that way. There‘s also the discussion here of the FF7 save point and how it’s not a question mark.

Speaking of FF7.
This has got to be one of the top contenders for the most commonly mis interpreted visuals in video games.

Speaking of Link‘s Awakening, the Power Bracelet in that game always looked like a croissant to Toby, so there’s an easter egg reference to that fact in Undertale.

@Thanatos#30004 oops, I have no clue, and didn‘t care enough to notice it’s obviously using remade assets, LOL!

The Revelations: Persona remake into modern Persona standards on the PSP featured numerous cuts to the soundtrack and remixes that I personally didn‘t like as much as the originals.

Among those changes, by far my least favorite was the remix of the main battle theme, the track you probably hear the most in the game, which was given a vocal track in the P3 onward style.

I mishear a lot of the lyrics. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn‘t, again, the most frequently played track in the game.

I wish I could ignore the vocal track here and let it blend into the background music, like most non-English lyrics to me or even to English vocals when they’re mixed so low to be mostly unintelligible (like the Deva Yuga track in the original game). Here, where the vocals are impossible to ignore but I‘m struggling to figure out exactly what is being sung and make it make sense (…I can’t hear anything other than “oh, my ride is bent” at 0:36) it just takes me completely out of the game.

a large part of the fun of personas 3/4 is making up your own lyrics to all the songs. they can't make less sense than the real ones !

reading through this thread i‘m not sure if i’ve interpreted the question properly but…

i think when ganondorf hurls his energy ball thing he shouts the name of his favorite simpsons character (wiggam)

In Mario Kart 8 I swear Wario says “fuck off” sometimes.

On this planet, riding my bike, I‘m on it, I’m on it, every little thing a look a like

do visual misreadings count ? I cannot help but see this whenever I look at Pokemon Gold



As the creator of the thread, [s]I hereby officially declare [visual misreadings]( as fair game for _Rain Jerks_[/s]

edit: rescinded, see below

@“Syzygy”#p47984 this was the thread.. I'll give it a better title so its findable lol

[“The misheard lyrics of vimeo games.”,“The Gamer’s Misinterpretation (FKA the misheard lyrics of games)”]

In the vein of “thank you so nice”, I always thought that Mario yelled “Dill pickle!” as he jumped into a painting in Mario 64.