The Great Courses

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I received an invitation to the great courses in the mail! How could I resist?!

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Lifetime satisfaction AND the world's greatest professors!

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Here is but a sample of the classes available.

What class should I take?

Also we could use this discussion to talk about classes, learning in general or you can delete it.

The Great Courses

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@“Syzygy”#p100447 checked and it does not. Bummer! But it does have a lot of cool links

I sure d enjoy the Great Courses I've listened to!

I often look for nonfiction books on weird subjects and they don't always exist, but sometimes there's a lecture series about it, which is nice.

Half-expected this to be a golf thread

(other half expected Mario Kart)

It could become a golf kart thread

I once had 5 courses, which was way too much for me. I much prefer 2, maybe 3 courses maximum. A good first course would be something like this:

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oh hey, I’m actually a The Great Courses fan!

they have a streaming thing called Wondrium that also has a bunch of kino lorber films and stuff, though i’m not sure how much it is since my partner pays for it. but it’s got all of The Great Courses on there and some of them are pretty neat.

i recommend Big History, which goes into the history of existence from immediately after the Big Bang up to now, and the major thresholds of advancement in between. it also does a good job explaining *how* we know what happened, which was satisfying to me.

there’s also a really good one about food throughout history, where a lovely guy cooks dishes from various times and goes into how and why people were eating what they were eating.

they’re all pretty neat, if you’re into the idea of a college lecture series where you don’t have to take notes or show up on time ever.

I liked Bob Brier's course about Ancient Egypt. I definitely learned a lot from that one and he has an infectious enthusiasm that is only occasionally annoying and/or kinda weird.

I think the best one I've listened to was Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed by Edwin Barnhart. A lot of great info about what we know and how we know it, the most interesting aspects (to me) being an explanation of Mayan language, architecture, and the famous calendar system. Plus some speculation as to the nature of the enigmatic Mesoamerican Ball Game! What's not to love.

I draw comics and do a lot of other artistic stuff but I‘ve always said my illustration skills were poor. I was also talking to my GF about art class and how I hadn’t taken any basics since like middle school. I was focused on film making and stuff like that. So I signed up for the How to Draw course and already learned about Fayum Portraits. Having a good time.

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This painting is almost 2000 years old.

True Golf Classics - Pebble Beach , of Monterey, California

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I’ve been to Monterey many times and, it is truly a Great Course (the entire city)