The ICC CCC or I5C - The Insert Credit Community Criticism Crosspost Cache

Have you just accidentally penned a review of a videogame in one of our many threads which are, believe it or not, dedicated to talking about video games?

Is it in its own dedicated thread, which will likely get buried eventually as other threads update? Or, is perhaps in the midst of a different thread, which is hundreds of posts long, meaning eventually your review become difficult if not impossible to find within the thread?

For these problems, there is now the ICC CCC, or perhaps the I5C, a meta-post of the various pieces of critical writing that you want to either preserve on the forums and/or increase its visibility to others. All with an extremely easy to remember acronym, that will itself always be easy to search up and refer to using the forum’s search function.

Instructions and Guidelines

  1. Copy and paste the following template:
Link to original post [here.](https://)
  1. Fill in the information and replace the “https://” inside of the rounded brackets with a permalink to your post in the other thread. Write whatever you want in the Notes, or delete it.

  2. Please refrain from using this thread for any off-topic discussion. The less cluttered it is, the more useful it will be as a repository of the community’s critical writing.

  3. It’s probably a better idea for this thread to be self submissions only, let’s not presume what other people want to do with their writing.

  4. What’s a “review” of a “videogame?” I’m not a narc, I’m not gonna tell you what is and what isn’t a review or even what is and what isn’t a videogame. The only criteria for belonging in the cache is that it’s a post on our forums with some kind of critical intent, and you want to make it a little easier for the community to find.

  5. Redundancy of games/subjects highly encouraged. If you were to review the same game every week for a year, make 52 posts. If 10 people write critically about the same game, all the better.

  6. Post as much as you want, but, speaking from personal experience, you can’t make more than 3 posts in a row on any individual thread, so if you’re going to add a few at a time, put them into one post, or even edit in more entries later. It shouldn’t really interfere with the thread’s function.

Do note that our newish Discourse forum platform allows you to search for terms within threads. Perhaps if this thread ends up being something people use regularly, we’ll end up with an interesting repository of our community’s critical writing, which will then be searchable by topic.

And… Snake…

Remember the basics of CCC.


Game: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
Platform/Version: PlayStation 2
Link to original post here.

Notes: Back in the Play One New Game for Every Year You’ve Been Alive thread, I had a very special time with Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and wrote more words about it than I intended. It’s all about gender, if that’s your sort of thing. I was going to clean up the little formatting hiccups, but I’m not allowed to edit the post. It’s not too bad. Also, I think if I had written about this in another context, I would have cut the last section.