The Insert Credit Community Essential Game List

Here‘s what this concept is: together, we are building an essential list of video games, representing both our own tastes and titles which we feel all of us video game likers should experience. The catch: every one of you can only choose ONE game to add to the list, which we will be collectively building. So, use your one contribution wisely! I’ll be keeping track of them all in this top post.


_The 3rd Birthday_ (2010), PSP - @"Venus Emperor"#944
*868-HACK* (2013), Multiplatform - @"scoregem"#239
*ACE COMBAT 04: Shattered Skies/Distant Thunder* (2001), PS2 - @"JoJoestar"#251
_Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising_ (2003), Game Boy Advance - @"empika"#1022
_AI: The Somnium Files_ (2019), PS4/Switch/Windows - @"Smiauu666"#660
*Ape Escape 3* (2005), PS2 - @"billy"#201
*Armed Police Batrider* (1998), Arcade - @"TracyDMcGrath"#244
*Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale* (2013), 3DS - @"tokucowboy"#653
*Banjo-Kazooie* (1998), N64 - @"LuigiIsThePope"#721
_Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean_ (2003), GameCube - @"baftaboo"#639
*Bazar de Gozarre no Game de Gozarre* (1996), PC Engine CD - @"KennyL"#454
*Boku no Natsuyasumi 2* (2002/2010), PS2/PSP - @"Kimimi"#156
*Burnout 3: Takedown* (2004), PS2/Xbox - @"connierad"#398
*Candy Box 2* (2013), Web Browser - @"DaveedNoo"#503
*Capcom vs. SNK 2* (2001), Multiplatform - @"rearnakedwindow"#728
*Chrono Cross* (1999), PlayStation - @"2501"#281
*Crusader Kings 2* (2012), PC - @"rarya"#541
*Dark Souls* (2011), Multiplatform - @"kylebrizzown"#480
_Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin_ (2015), Multiplatform - @"fridgeboy"#446
*Daytona USA* (1994), Arcade - @"devilsblush"#29
*Dead Rising* (2006), XB360/PC - @"tuxedomonk"#1733
*Death Stranding* (2019), PS4 - @"wickedcestus"#185
*Dino Crisis 2* (2000), PlayStation - @"hellomrkearns"#99
*Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition* (2019), Multiplatform - @"Viralata"#1710
*Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?* (2005), Nintendo DS - @"beets"#206
*Dragon Warrior III* (2001), Game Boy Color - @"Nemoide"#p47002
*Dropsy* (2015), Multiplatform - @"AbandonedRocketship"#765
*Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup* (2006), Multiplatform - @"antillese"#59
*Eternal Ring* (2000), PS2 - @"mtvcribs"#1223
*Etrian Odyssey* (2007), DS - @"messemet"#1501
*Final Fantasy VI* (1994), SNES - @"Herb"#876
*Final Fantasy VIII* (1999), PlayStation - @"connrrr"#502
*Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age* (2007/2017-2019), PS2, PS4, PC, Switch - @"LeFish"#591
_Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles_ (2003), GameCube - @"RubySunrise"#864
*Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War* (1996), Super Famicom - @"Aizen"#1529
_Fire Pro Wrestling Returns_ (2005), PS2 - @"Paul"#1519
*The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa* (2018), PC/Switch/Xbox One - @"antontaun"#647
*FTL: Faster Than Light* (2012), Multiplatform - @"matt"#597
*Gears of War* (2006), Xbox 360 - @Coffinwarehouses
*Get in the Car, Loser!* (2021), PC - @"NewGenderPlus"#415
*Gimmick!* (1992), Famicom - @"donrumata"#229
**GOD HAND** (2006), PlayStation 2 - @"Gaagaagiins"#429
*Gravity Daze/Gravity Rush* (2012), Vita - @"330AM"#324
*Grow Home* (2015), PC/PS4 - @"price"#289
*Guardian Heroes* (1996), Sega Saturn - @"Unbeknownst2U"#637
*Half-Life 2* (2004), PC - @"fetus8"#496
*Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak* (2003), GBA - @"crumble"#226
_Heat Signature_ (2017), Windows - @"Samograj"#780
*Hellnight/Dark Messiah* (1998), PS1 - @"nurvuss"#821
*Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia* (1999), PC - @"SU2MM"#335
_Hexen II_ (1997), Windows - @"drinkrust"#980
*Hitman: Blood Money* (2006), Multiplatform - @"tombo"#195
_Hyper Gunsport_ (2022), Multiplatform - @"bwood"#982
*Jet Set Radio* (2000), Dreamcast - @"Karasu"#65
*John Woo Presents: Stranglehold* (2007), Multiplatform - @"FaulteredBeast"#971
_Jump Ultimate Stars_ (2006), DS - @"LoBFCanti"#839
*Katamari Damacy* (2004), PS2 - @"The_Gloopster"#745
_Killer7_ (2005, GameCube - @"Adria"#1239
*King of Dragon Pass* (1999), PC - @"TheBeigeKnight"#354
*The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Final Edition* (2011), Multiplatform - @"nolimitsquesting"#683
*Koudelka* (1999), PlayStation - @"xhekros"#418
*Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection* (2018), PS4, Switch, Xbox One - @"tanuki"#593
*The Last Guardian* (2016), PS4 - @"captain"#258
*The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening* (1993), Game Boy - @"zm1704"#738
*The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask* (2000), N64 - @"TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee"#330
*LSD: Dream Emulator* (1998), PlayStation - @"kingnothing"#538
_Max Payne 3_ (2012), PS3/Xbox 360/Windows/iOS - @"shlootermcgavin"#482
*Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version* (2003), GBA - @"kyleprocrastinations"#1524
*Mega Man Legends* (1997), PS1 - @"gigaslime"#264
*Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty* (2001), Multiplatform - @"andrewelmore"#687
*Metroid Prime* (2002), GameCube - @"fugazi57"#399
_Mirror's Edge_ (2008), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 - @"safetypads"#1331
*Mother 2: Giguno no Gyakushū/Earthbound* (1994), Super Famicom/SNES - @"Funbil"#714
*NBA Street Vol. 2* (2003), Xbox/PS2/GameCube - @"whatsarobot"#243
_Neo Turf Masters_ (1996), NEO•GEO - @"mindleftbody"#868
*NieR Gestalt* (2010), Xbox 360 - @"Jaffe"#205
*NieR: Automata* (2017), PS4 - @"esper"#11
*NiGHTS into Dreams* (1996), Sega Saturn - @"pasquinelli"#461
_Ninja Gaiden Black_ (2005), Xbox - @"copySave"#332
_No More Heroes_ (2007), Wii - @deadbeat
*Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors* (2003), Xbox - @"skebump"#523
*Outer Wilds* (2019), Multiplatform - @"MDS-02"#632
*Outrun 2/Outrun 2006* (2003/2005), PS2/Xbox/PC - @"hellojed"#41
*Pathologic 2* (2019), PC - @"yeso"#385
*Peggle* (2007), Multiplatform - @"dicegame"#105
*Pentiment* (2022), PC - @"diogo"#1358
*Phantasy Star IV* (1993), Genesis - @"jeelz"#347
*Pikmin* (2001), GameCube - @"safety_lite"#521
*Pokémon Puzzle League* (2000), N64 - @"Jonii"#1559
*Portal* (2007), Multiplatform - @"Squit"#349
*Punch-Out!!* (2009), Wii - @"Creekgrin"#490
*The Question* (2006), PC - @"Video Game King"#136
*R4: Ridge Racer Type 4* (1998), PSX - @"tomjonjon"#140
*Resident Evil 4* (2005), Multiplatform - @"KingTubb"#730
*Return of the Obra Dinn* (2018), Multiplatform - @"kory"#525
*Rez Infinite* (2016), PS4 - @"recorder"#635
*Ryū ga Gotoku Zero/Yakuza 0* (2015/2017), PS3/PS4 - @"Jax"#245
*Sakura Taisen* (1996), Sega Saturn - @"穴"#580
*The Secret of Monkey Island* (1990), PC - @"rejj"#455
*Shenmue* (1999), Dreamcast - @"seasons"#466
*Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne* (2003), PS2 - @"sabertoothalex"#360
*Shining Force II* (1993), Mega Drive/Genesis - @"◉◉maru"#146
*Shutokō Battle 2* (2000), Dreamcast - @"Chopemon"#694
*Sid Meier's Civilization IV* (2005), PC - @"YerryMina"#794
_Snafu_ (1981), Intellivision - @"Mnemogenic"#750
*Sonic R* (1997), Sega Saturn - @Sredna14
*Sora no Kiseki/The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky* (2004), PC - @"Tradegood"#510
*Space Channel 5 Part 2* (2002), Dreamcast- @"vmu_beep"#5
_Space Giraffe_ (2007), XBox 360 - @"gunk_rider"#806
*Star Cruiser* (1988), Multiplatform - @"Pasokon Deacon"#8
*Stardew Valley* (2016), PC - @"QuenchGrust"#542
*Stephen's Sausage Roll* (2016), PC - @"Dunkr"#78
*Streets of Rage 4* (2020), Windows - @"robinhoodie"#120
*Suikoden II* (1998), PlayStation - @"tapevulture"#292
*Sunset Riders* (1991), Arcade - @"palo"#574
*Super Mario World* (1990/1991/1992), Super Famicom/Super Nintendo - @"goonbag"#577
*Syvalion* (1988), Arcade - @"treefroggy"#449
*Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together* (2010), PSP - @"thebryanjzx90"#62
_Team Fortress 2_ (2007), PC - @"sdate"#464
*Ufouria: The Saga* (1991), NES - @"NoJoTo"#751
*Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss* (1992), PC - @"AlecS"#32
*Umihara Kawase Shun* (1997), PlayStation - @"Badoor"#978
_Unlimited Saga_ (2002), PS2 - @"Reverse Kaiser"#1489
*Virtua Tennis* (1999), Dreamcast - @"onefiftythree"#387
*VVVVVV* (2010), Multiplatform - @"Kez"#448
*WarioWare: Twisted!* (2004), Game Boy Advance - @"JackOakLeaf"#756
*The Witness* (2016), Multiplatform - @"Snowdecahedron"#474
_Ys: The Oath in Felghana_ (2005), PC - @"JXUA"#1206
*Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward* (2012), 3DS/Vita - @"dylanfills"#665

I'll be the one to say

_Mother 2: Gīgu no Gyakushū/EarthBound_ (1994), Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System - [Funbil](

so nobody else has to worry about if they still need to add it or not

Outrun 2/Outrun 2006. (2003, 2005) PS2/Xbox/PC

Armed Police Batrider (1998), Arcade - TracyDMcGrath

jaffe I'll take a pathologic 2 please

Won’t give up on the gimmick:

Shining Force II (1993), Mega Drive / Genesis

Sora no Kiseki/The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (2004), PC - Tradegood

More famously released in 2006 on PSP and localized in 2011 for western audiences. It's the third subseries and the first of four story arcs spanning across 11 games. This series contains with some of the most dense worldbuilding of all time, an unforgettable cast, exquisite slow-burn pacing, challenging and strategic turn-based combat, laugh out loud comedy, and the timeless charm of 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds. The story has a truly shocking twists, and its sequel might be even better.

Ryū ga Gotoku Zero/Yakuza 0 (2015/2017) PS3/PS4 - Jax

NBA Street Vol. 2!

my only regret is that i have but one life to give for NiGHTS into Dreams.

Can I get uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Punch-Out!! (Wii, 2009)

Let’s say… Chrono Cross

Suikoden 2


@“Jax”#p46636 Ryū ga Gotoku Zero/Yakuza 0 (2015/2017) PS3/PS4 - Jax

Thought I'd get to be the one to say this - but it looks like @Jaffe just skipped over it by accident!

Nevermind, because that means I get to be the one to say...

Super Mario World (1990/1991/1992) Super Famicom/Super Nintendo

(yes, we Down Under really didn't get it until '92, and back then we just called it the Super Nintendo, okay? Jaffe you can correct that in the list I won't be precious about it)

oh man this is hard…………………………….

I'll go with _Darkest Dungeon,_ for this list.

NiGHTS and Shining Force II are already on there so I‘ll say…


Oh gosh, there’s so many…

OK! I‘ll pick Boku no Natsuyasumi 2 (PS2/PSP). It’s a really heartfelt celebration of the importance of being ordinary, and I honestly think gaming as a whole is better off for its existence.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (JP PS2: 2007, WW PS4, PC, Switch: 2017-19)

Perhaps best to think of this as less of a JRPG and more of a puzzle game with a narrative. Whilst there are definitely a couple of missteps early in the game re: buying certain spells and actions, by the time you've overcome that initial barrier every battle, dungeon and boss becomes a puzzle to solve in a way that literally puts the answer right in front of you hidden in plain sight, waiting for you to configure your gambits to achieve your goal in a way that other games can't really emulate.

The bonus mode where you fight 100 increasingly difficult battles without any of the fluff hammers home my impression that each of those battles are puzzles to be solved, and that the main game itself is as I described.

Bazar de Gozarre no Game de Gozarre (1996), PC Engine CD

My subconscious pushed that monkey face straight up as soon as I read Jaffe's OP so I'm gonna go with that. I won't be able to pick anything consciously.

_"Game Freak’s masterpiece" - Sakurai_

I gotta say King of Dragon Pass (1999) PC

A true gem, years ahead of its time, that far too few people have played.