The Insert Credit Pizza: An Honest Review

Recently I had some friends over to watch basketball and everyone was like hell yeah let’s get pizza. I had had friend-of-the-show Hesher’s Pizza before when they were at a bar but they’ve since gotten their own brick and mortar so I was like hell yeah let’s try them again.

What I did not remember is that they have an INSERT CREDIT pizza designed by @"exodus"#3 (I’ve since remembered this being mentioned elsewhere). Imagine my DELIGHT when I saw it on the menu.


So I said okay yes we gotta get it. It arrived:


onto the review


Great crust! It’s sort of like a pan pizza crust so it’s not thin but not thick and it’s pretty buttery tasting, it’s TASTY! Some cornmeal on there pretty sure too which I like a lot



Sauce is excellent!! It’s pretty heavy on the sauce which I like for a pan pizza, load me up baby!! Cheese is plentiful and really good! I also like the vegan sausage a bunch, love me some fake meats and these are good fake meats. Garlic is fragrant and always hella good on pizza. My only addition would be a jalapeño or other kind of spicy pepper, feel like the acid and heat would have complemented everything. Great combo though!!



Remembering this place and then seeing the IC pizza on the menu was such pure joy. Off the charts whimsical. Explaining to my friends that my favorite video game forum has a podcast and someone on the podcast knows the person who runs this place and they made a pizza for the menu which I am now buying for us to eat was also weirdly nice because they were very enthusiastic about it. This experience was more fun than than most video games.



If you’re ever in the Bay Area go to Hesher’s and get some pizza!!! Now tell me which local pizza place you’d create an IC pizza for and what would those toppings be!

Thank you!!!

This rules. Very much would scarf the whole thing down myself.

Jalapeño was a sometimes-addition to the original insert credit pizza, which wasn't created just by me, tim and I collaborated and maybe there was someone else??

But yeah, this pizza combo was created when we were having regular pizza hangouts at a place called lanesplitter. I really took for granted that a lot of people I liked lived within a couple miles of me. It'd be cool to get that going again.

This reminds me that I have never actually met Brandon Sheffield


You all gotta try and organise a get-together, with zero microphones present so you can just hang out and eat pizza and be friends and not perform

I've never met myself either!