The Monster Hunter: Rise Thread

Rise has been completely off my radar. I‘ve played MH4U a whole lot (400ish hours) and a fair amount of MHGenerations. I also played through MHWorld solo but wasn’t captivated enough to get Iceborne. I personally found a lot of the quality of life changes in World detrimental to the game, there was a lot clunkyness removed that I felt adds to the experience. Also I really liked the gem/skill system in the 3DS games.

I used charge blade in 4U but could never adjust to the changed movesets in every following game. Now I usually go to the hammer or long sword as they're both good weapons for soloing and they have simple but adaptable movesets.

I just watched the launch trailer there's some of my favourite monsters in there ||zinogre and nagacaruga?||. Do we know if riding monsters is mandatory or can it kinda be ignored?

have to say I agree with you on World‘s qol aspects sanding away meaningful parts of the MH atmosphere. Played a few hunts of rise and it does look washed out and a little ugly. Way too many bugs, plants, mushrooms etc coated in neon (in a bad way) that you just run past and hit a, feels like busywork rather than hunt prep as it once did. Seems like a good game but doesn’t seem to have gone back to the old aesthetic, just world on switch. Not a bad thing but I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it. Might take a look at what the lobby situation in generations is like these days lol

I used to play Monster Hunter on the PSP back in the day with my group of friends. I tried the demo for MHW but felt it was too streamlined?? I dunno, someone earlier mentioned they “sanded down” the MH experience which, yeah, kind of made it not feel like a MH game and it just didn't jive with me.

I am very excited about Rise though! It feels more like the MH games I used to play on PSP. I was playing the demo like every night with my wife's boss and his son, but kids are fickle and now he's over it and they don't want to play with me anymore loooool.

Usually I pick the Gunlance. I normally don't go for slow, tanky weapons but the gunlance is so cool and unique. Other than that, I really like the light bowgun, but since it's kind of a support weapon it's difficult to use it solo.


@beets#23740 Do we know if riding monsters is mandatory or can it kinda be ignored?

Mostly mandatory. After enough mount damage they go into a vulnerable state where any attack will mean you mount them. You can leave them for a short time (maybe 10-20 seconds) and they'll recover, but that'd be annoying to do every fight.

I'm also not a fan of the riding stuff. Quickest way to do it--if you don't care about extra damage--is to bonk them into one wall, don't do the recovery move, and you'll be thrown off and they'll be knocked down.

I guess it's meant to be a more interesting take on mounting monsters, but it feels really unnecessary.

I have this game. I‘ve been going through some pains trying to get online to work. My wifi at home is spotty and drops for no reason every few minutes so I bought the ethernet adapter for the dock. But now my dock and my switch aren’t playing nice with each other and I need to try someone elses dock to see if the problem is with my switch or my dock. I hope it's the dock because I dont want to have to send my switch in for repairs! A comedy of errors.

This is my first monster hunter game and there is quite a lot thrown at you all at once but damn are these early missions boring. Still trying to figure out what weapon I like. The ranged weapons seem very useful but almost make things too braindead easy in the early game?

The game has yet to challenge me, at all, (except my patience a bit with the grinding) and I'm looking forward to the moment that it does.

this game is a lot of fun. I‘m doing Switch Axe tho, aka Swag Axe, and unfortunately I don’t think the weapon is as fun as the ones I used in MH World. Its gimmicks just arent as satisfying compared to how I was playing before. I'm still gonna stick with it for a while, but see myself changing weapons sooner than later.

Does anybody know, how do you join other hunts? I went to the Hub and created my own hunt, and during it another 2 ppl ended up joining mine. But, how do I join another person's hunt?

One of the monsters made me die twice; something I doubt would have happened if I had better armor, so I just wanted a funner way to grind monsters for their armor sets.

@Moon#23794 Post MHW they significantly dialed back the difficulty of the early going, so I suspect it'll ramp up before long. MH does the “the real __________” starts here thing


@p3ters#23802 Does anybody know, how do you join other hunts? I went to the Hub and created my own hunt, and during it another 2 ppl ended up joining mine. But, how do I join another person’s hunt?

I figured it out... there's a Quest Board in the Hub room that will match you into other ppl's hunts.

it's funny tho, it'll take you like 3 minutes to kill a monster and the results screen will then show you the hunt took 20 minutes :p Thank you other hunter for softening up the monster for a whole 17 minutes lol

I think my main criticism so far is that there‘s not enough hunting. They’ve made it do you don‘t ever have to find monster, they’re always shown on the map.

Has anyone unlocked the shrine in the buddy area?

@Blrb#23846 Yeah, I was able to after finishing the 4 to 5 star urgent quest in the Village.

Picked this up today because the guys at work have been really excited about it and what I saw Friday during our lunch break looked promising. It‘s cool! I liked Toukiden 2 a lot and this has a lot of that’s DNA in it.

Been a busier weekend (and probably upcoming week) than expected, but I’m hoping to dig in soon. At least I have it in hand, had to splurge for the sweet amiibo!


I bought Rise, loaded it up, and discovered I now suffer from a large amount of joycon drift on my left stick. Unplayable, my hunter does nothing but run to the left.

I have no idea if the free replacement thing is (still?) available for me where I live. I might just fork out for a new one.

Been fun slaying innocent monsters with a group of pals. It‘s nice that you can just jump right into online co-op. I remember it being a pain in the ass in World. Also really like that I never have to get off my dog to gather crafting materials. I’ve played like 10 hours or something already, but it's only because I have this week off for covid vaccine recovery.

Have to say I was really skeptical of the wirebug and dog-riding mechanics potentially not being a good fit for the series, but I am super glad to have been wrong. The reworked movement in general just kinda rocks. It's significantly less annoying to have to collect all the weird little materials and stuff when I am incentivized by being able to play with jumps like I can here. Good game.

whooo~!!! so when are we having Insert Credit Hunt Night??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I put 20 hours into this game over the weekend alone lol. That was enough time to have my fill of Switch Axe. I've moved onto the Charge Blade and am getting carted away like crazy lol.

I'll learn eventually :)

I have figured out my connection issues by using the wired ethernet adapter! I am down to clown with some of you folks whenever but I'm not exactly sure how that works. Should I post my friend code? I am even playing for a bit tonight.

I discovered that 8bitDo make a usb wireless adapter that works with the switch that can connect to many different types of controllers. I have temporarily solved the problem by playing docked, and connecting my PS4 controller to the switch. Works a treat! (plus I rather like the ps4 controller)

$27AUD (about $20USD I think?) seemed like a reasonable fix for this. I looked at how much a new set of joycons cost, and lordy they are not cheap. Plus, everything I read suggests that the problem has not been solved and they'll just start drifting again anyway.

As far as hunting the monsters goes, I have made it to the start of 2* in the village but have done nothing further. I haven't yet decided if I want to run with the Horn or the Charge Blade first (I'll likely end up doing both eventually) so I've been flipping between the two. The Horn seems very strong, at least in these first few hunts/levels. The moveset seems _very_ simplified now, however. I worry that it will end up becoming boring.

Yeah, the wirebug has got me on the greatsword which I didn‘t get into before. The wirebug gives you the power sheathe ability. Along with rolling, you’ve now got two very different, but fixed distance ways to get in and out which is fun. The in-air vertical plunge attack is very satisfying too.

I do like the QoL stuff when in town and menuing, but I think I'm getting that too sanded and smooth of a streamlined experience when hunting. I don't even feel like I'm tracking, and I'm staring at the minimap too much. Was paintballing the monsters still a thing in World? I didn't play it enough to remember.

It‘s a further streamlining of the scoutflies, which had you follow a neon green line straight to the monster once you had scouted it. I think you had them on the minimap in World as well but the level design there, especially on the first level, was so dense and vertical you basically had to follow the flies anyway. Honestly, compared to that it’s a massive improvement.