The Monster Hunter Thread... ~SO TASTY!!~

Seems like we’re overdue for a Monster Hunter thread! I know I’m not the only Monster Hunter fan in here.

I’m posting, regrettably, after getting Hyped by some prerelease advertisement:

My fellow Monster Hunter fans will recognize just how crazy a few seconds of that trailer really are, but, if you missed it:

  1. The player character is shown basically calling the Seikret (the rideable lizard buddy) and mounting it after making contact with it, while their Great Sword is drawn

  2. Seconds later, in the same sequence, the player character puts away their Great Sword, draws a Heavy Bowgun from a sling on the creature’s back, and starts firing while still mounted

It looks like some ideas that were in a bit of a rough draft form in Rise with the Palamute mounts are really getting leaned in on, with more seamless transitions between on-foot and mounted maneuvers, and even mounted combat maneuvers. I mean, whoa, switching between two weapons is crazy enough!! I wonder if that will mean that armor sets will basically have Blademaster and Gunner skillsets, which you switch between on the fly when you switch to a ranged weapon? Or maybe besides skills that have universal utility like Critical Eye or whatever, individual skills will have both a Blademaster and Gunner benefit–wasn’t there something like that in Rise?

In this other short video…

The lead developer guys talk about wanting to make the environment feel dynamic and hostile, and for the monsters to feel particularly threatening and dangerous, which sounds awesome to me.

One change from World/Rise that I thought kind of detracted from the gameplay overall was the more or less unlimited capability to leave a combat encounter and restock on healing items. Once you hit a certain skill level, this even kinda trivializes some, not all but some, of the difficulty of the game, since so long as you are careful and observant, you can fairly easily slip away from the monster and go and restock your healing items. There’s not nearly as much pressure to play as well as you can as there used to be, the time limits for hunts are so long too, you can deliberately take a much more relaxed pace. In the older games, there was no thrill quite like taking down a monster after chugging your last available Healing Potion, with just minutes to spare on the clock.

I wonder if part of what they will reintroduce is at least a little bit more of an emphasis on survival and resource management. I think in terms of game economy and resource logistics, the games before World had a lot of problems. No one liked shit like having to abandon and then restart a quest simply because you neglected to bring a Hot Drink to a cold area, I don’t really know what that added to the game. However, I also think they went just a little too far in the other direction.

So, maybe the whole thing where you can switch between at least 2 different weapons on the fly from the back of your mount is a sign that they are thinking about things like logistics and resource management in that way, perhaps it won’t be quite as permissive as World and Rise were. If not, it won’t be the end of the world, for me, since I can always just choose to play like I can’t restock healing items. When I was really going hard playing Monster Hunter World I did that, it was awesome.

Finally, bring back…



Some other smaller observations from the trailer and that short discussion with the lead developers:

  • The attack animations and some of those unique interactions with monsters and attacks (dismount attacks, that dragging slice, and what looks like a non-scripted event where the big monster lunges at the player character and bites down on their Great Sword) look incredible. Like World, it looks like it’s going to play in a way that is both instantly familiar, yet just smoother and more responsive than before. Gosh those animations look good…
  • It’s a no brainer but it all but confirms being able to call for multiplayer in the middle of a quest. If the gameplay area is just more wide open and seamless, I wonder what kinds of ways they are going to make multiplayer feel seamless, given the series’ penchant for multiplayer to be so uniquely seam-ridden.
  • Not unlike the dichotomy between World and Rise, I am still loving the sort of Stylized Realism look for the flagship entries in the series. Everything looks great, honestly.
  • Apparently the Palicos are gonna be voiced and so is the player character. Interesting. I don’t demand or even expect much from a Monster Hunter story, but, I’m also not gonna complain if it’s done well.
  • Wilds is gonna be featured further at Summer Games Fest next weekend, they’ve teased about revealing a brand new monster but not much else.
  • Sandship!! Are Dah’ren Mohran and Jhen Mohran going to make an appearance?? The bigass showcase gimmick monsters always tend to be a bit of a hit or miss, but, the good ones are always at least fun to do a few times!
  • A trope with a lot of Monster Hunter monsters is that they’re, like, the alpha or leader of their pack (Jaggi, Great Jaggi, Ludroth, Royal Ludroth, etc.), and the alpha is your primary target while the pack are not much more than pests on the periphery of your fight. With these big ugly bear lookin things in the trailer, it’s interesting to see how these things actually seem like they’re hunting you, and as a pack. That is really cool.

DAMN, I’m on the hypewave now. Shit.



I really loved World and really loved the art style and renderer so I’m very glad to see those back after the disappointing looking Rise.

The new toad lizard monster looks really cool. It is very exciting to think about going out hunting in a world that is open and keeps changing with weather and herd movement. There’s a shot in the trailer of raptor type monsters attacking your target, presumably you have lured them to your target. I’m hoping that you can get a lot more creative and fights have a lot of variety.

The prospect of having a build that allows for both melee and ranged attacks is very cool. again, more variety and may give you options to trigger environmental hazards at range even if you are a primarily melee character.

Of course, the big ticket item from the trailer is Gemma. I will throw my life away for you my queen etc, etc.


Rise was indeed disappointing and World was really pushing it in terms of sanding down all the experiential components that made the earlier games more engrossing (imo). IDK, it’s a globally popular franchise now with lots of money at stake so it’s unlikely to reverse course :(


You never know! I can imagine a Wilds that felt confident in reintroducing some of the grit back into the experience, knowing that it has a huge audience already interested.

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World was the first of the series I played, after having a vague interest for a while. I played the heck out of that game and felt like I was good enough with my chosen loadouts (Horn, Charge Blade, Dual Blades) to join any online signal flare mission for an arch tempered elder dragon and make a meaningful contribution.

I was a Horn main, and elder dragon hunting with the Horn was so fun and rewarding. I had loadouts saved for each elder dragon, so I could buff/defuff appropriately to make sure the rest of the team could feel safe in the fight.

I also played a whole lot of Rise. I realise it is different, I miss some things from World in it, and I never bought the expansion that opened up Master Rank for it. I loved the mobility in that game – not just the mount riding but the wirebug stuff felt real nice to me. I understand that wasn’t everyone’s proverbial cup of tea, and it sure did trivialise traversal to a large degree… but I appreciated the overall speed of movement when all I wanted to do was get from here to there on the map.

I think at this point I’m already sold on Wilds. Not “placing a preorder” sold, but “highly likely to dive in on the opening weekend unless I hear a whole bunch of terrible things” sold.

The pattern I’ve developed for myself over playing Word and Rise is: I’ll play the campaign hunts single player all the way through, and only after that I’ll dabble in the multiplayer. Group hunts are fun and I hope maybe we can have some Cool Hunting Times with people from these forums in Wilds, but I want to experience the campaign at my own pace – which is to say real dang slow.


I am also a Rise enjoyer! The movement felt great to me for dozens of hours. It was fun to perfect the exact sequence of palemut, wirebug, and short cuts to make it to the monster as quickly as possible. For me it played into the whole mastery aspect of the series. In a game that is going to make me hunt the same monster 10+ times to grind for parts, shaving seconds off my hunt time is definitely something I’m going to try for.

The wirebug attacks, basically ported Generations ultimate I think, gave an added layer of customizability, which was kinda fun to mess around with.

I did think the monster riding stuff was a fun trick but wore thin quickly because there just wasn’t much to it. Same with the siege stuff, or whatever they call it. Just let me hunt monsters!

I liked Rise but when I saw the trailer I thought to myself I should play World again. (I’d play 4U if it were still possible to play online. Wait… Is it?)

I’d love that! The resource management meta in 4U felt daunting at first but ended up being a real tasty aspect of the game, especially long term. That I could essentially run out of my supply of mega potions if I did too poorly over too many hunts, and need to do a few easy ones in a row to recoup, rules actually.

I got into Monster Hunter during such a quiet period, I’ll always have fondness for it – the first one I played was Monster Hunter Tri, during that era when the Wii was hopelessly unfashionable (around 2011-2012). That was when I bought a game console again after not having owned one for a few years, lapped up stuff like Muramasa, Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade and so on. I never once played online, but dove in headfirst when 3 Ultimate came to Wii U. The combo of such a small, welcoming, immensely chilled out community and the mic being built right into the GamePad (also a fantastic addition to MH’s always-clunky on-the-fly inventory management) made it one of the few games I ever enjoyed voice chatting in.

Me and my dual blades kept dabbling, but barely, on Generations Ultimate (probably still the best way to get some classic style Monster Hunter in you these days) and went in on Rise, switching over to a light bowgunner. I still maintain that the (first) final boss of that game is just a wildly good iteration of a Darius boss in 3D. I liked it well enough, but I guess not well enough to ever look at the DLC (the Sonic event was fun, but I missed some of the wilder crossovers). World looked appealing, but I never had those consoles at the time, so I’m at least excited that Wilds will be my first Extremely Pretty Monster Hunter.

I’m gonna try it out for sure, it’d be great to play with some friends or get together with some IC people. I don’t love all this talking in the trailer, though, or the idea of your hunter being a specific person; narrative is not something I’ve ever thought twice about in a Monster Hunter (it’s cool that they do it in Stories, that seems like a smart way to divide the two). And I tell you what, if there’s no way for me to get gyro aiming on that bowgun, I will be a little bummed, because that sensation alone made Rise worth playing. Made the experience of just hanging back as a support guy feel extra smooth.

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My first Mon Hun was the very first one on PS2. I played some single player but didn’t get it. The controls were weird and the fights took forever. I bought it mainly to try the PS2 online but I just could not get it to work.

After that, I didn’t play one until 3 Ultimate on the 3DS. I thought it was okay. Then there was a period of time where Mrs. Chopemon had to leave the house several hours before me to commute to work and I transferred (transfarred (?)) my save to the WiiU version and tried online for the first time.

That first hunt with a full online team was a life changer. It was a perfect experience. I can’t remember which monster we hunted but I do remember it going really well, my team mates had good communication and it was okay for me to fumble about a bit. A revelatory experience. I had a lot of amazingly happy mornings hunting online. I bought Mrs. Chopemon a WiiU with a copy of the game so we could play together and she loved it as well.

I really love the aesthetic of the pre-World games. Bright textures and PSP poly counts are extremely good. Running it on the WiiU and having that at 1080p looked so cool.

I get yeso’s points about recent games being less experimental but I’m happy to trade some weirdness and friction for how comfortable World was to play. I’ll doubly trade some of the old style if Wild has more options in fights with the environment and reactive eco system.


this is of course a reasonable perspective, but the whole flipping around and warping on your dog and then the dog flipping around thing is what has turned me off of the series. In my opinion, the convenience and user-friendliness is an illusion and it’s just another form of chores to do. You’re still doing a bunch of stuff to hunt the same monster 10 times, but it’s just faster and in the doing loses the context and deliberation the earlier games had as a product of the process-oriented flow. Plus you get all kinds of unpleasant visual prompts cluttering up the screen

yeah totally agree. World and Rise are kind of doughy looking. Which is odd since RE Engine games dont seem to have that in common

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Yeah, I do agree with this. It happened to be a type of chore I could get into (cue good time hat), and not like… a new and interesting mechanic or something that got implemented. As you said, more of a distraction. Certain flavors of that kind of ridiculousness is something I’m often down with. The dog drifts, like a car!

The only pre-World game I played was 4U, and it’s still my favorite. I’m now wondering how I could even play many of the other ones? I guess I could solo Tri on Dolphin or something, but it’s so fun to play with people.

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I love Monster Hunter and CAN NOT WAIT for Wilds. I dont like open world games and i am still so stoked.

Im hoping that it brings back everything i loved in World. World is just so grounded and perfect as opposed to even iceborne where half the monsters have unexplainable yet thought out abilities or magic like attacks haha.

I loved Iceborne but the non Master Rank stuff is so much better in my opinion. So having more of that sounds great.



Wilds is gonna BUMP on the insert credit forums


wait hold on, does that imply simultaneous release on console and PC this time?

…or is it just a portent for when it comes out on PC a year later that cross-play will work?

please please be the former

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I’m not sure! I didn’t watch the presentation yet, I just saw this screenshot.

They said itll be simultaneous on all platforms jncluding pc. Bout time!