The Nintendo 3DS IC Friend Codes thread

Let's make 2023 the year of the 3DS!


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Post this picture if you would share your 3DS friend code but your 3DS is jailbroken. Thus no party and no friends.

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@“穴”#p99486 oh, mine is jailbroken. I just updated it to the latest Luma and then safely updated to the latest firmware.

But that piracy screen rules.

@“hellomrkearns”#p99489 nice! didn't know that was possible. will do it and post my code tomorrow.

@“穴”#p99490 check that last link for the full guide. I'd hate for my advice to result in you bricking your system!

I don't think there was ever much of an issue of nintendo banning 3DS units with CFW unless you get reported during online play.

I still need to update my cfw software soon, we still have a discord chat for Insert Credit Users Who Intend to One Day Play Triforce Heroes Together

##### [color=BlueViolet]The year is 202[color=red]3DS[/color].[/color]


I connect my 3DS to the internet about once every 2 years y‘all.

again, my Triforce Heroes Gang aside,

Any of y’all gonna put your money where your mouth is and visit my New Leaf version of Butt Creek?

@“treefroggy”#p99723 heck yeah. I just did the software update for that game. What are some other good multiplayer games that we should play?

LFG! 4382-1975-0815

Count me in!


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what are we all playing btw? i haven‘t even begun to scratch the surface of this thing – got my first 3ds a year or so ago and it’s fully jailbroken but i keep playing ps4 games instead. there's so so much on here! that zelda was really rad!

I'm Yucca – 1908-5002-0597


@“phylaxis”#p101250 what are we all playing btw? i haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of this thing

The iceberg is very deep. Most people come for the Zeldas, and find themselves owning 10 Etrian Odyssey games.

@“phylaxis”#p101250 I‘ve been on the 3DS train since release and I’m still finding things to play. I just started up Harmoknight for the first time the other day, it's pretty nice!

@“Tradegood”#510 sent me here from the eShop sale thread! Here is my friend code: 3841-2696-5585

Even though I've only had my 3DS since 2020, I've brought it all sorts of places in the hopes of getting streetpass hits. It still happens now and then!

also just a reminder. The 3DS system for adding friends is weird in that you BOTH have to add each other to get connected. You don‘t get an ’invite' or something.

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I play like every Monday and Wednesday to fight my rival in Pokemon Silver lol
... also I do Brain Age Concentration Training everyday with my dad!