The non-Japanese East Asian music thread

This is exactly what the title sounds like. You don’t need to share anything especially obscure or cool. Just whatever has some artistic merit in your eyes. I know a decent amount about Chinese language stuff (though certainly not enough). I’d like to know more about Thai, Indonesian, and non-K-pop Korean music — though I’m sure there’s amazing music from other places off my radar.

I have nothing against Japan, by the way — I just feel like Japan is already over represented in discussions about East Asian music, and I don’t want this to become “The Japanese music thread”. Note though that non-Japanese covers of Japanese songs are perfectly fine.

I’ll start off with two songs that feel like opposites to me. The first is “Those without ideals don’t get hurt” by a mainland Chinese group, The New Pants Band:

The second is this song from Leon Lai, from when he transformed into a hip hop sort of guy, about the coming of the new millenium:

So let’s see what you all’ve got!

The CMS has eaten my post twice so uhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm gonna do this later but suffice it to say I have a Very Large List for you to listen to in a while.

Before we get to my stuff, I really wonder where this mainland rock sound comes from, because I don't think you'd hear this exact type of rock music anywhere else, but you'll hear it all over the place there.

wonderful topic thank you.

I have about 15 links ready to barf out but I'll hold back so as not to go overboard

But this album got a reissue a few years back and has become a personal favorite

fans of love's classic “forever changes” check this out ^^^^

@exodus#9569 Yeah, I‘ve had very similar thoughts before. It’s a sound that feels simple enough that it should show up everywhere, but when I relisten to American bands that I thought had songs that sound like this, it's not really the same.

Anyway, awaiting your recommendations!

@yeso#9570 I listened to the first song just now, and, well, I'm probably going to have to listen to her whole discography now. This is great.

i have a houseplant i named “kang suji”. the plant is a variety of branch-y succulent known colloquially as “devil's backbone”. I found a bunch of stalks in a pile of garbage and stuck them in some potting soil, then left it outside for a month. it turned into a bush, which i brought inside. i'll post it in a houseplants thread or something someday.

hell yeah^^^

big fan of the guy at 5:22 playing a stapler

My only experience with non-Japanese East Asian pop music is this video I found from a compilation of Vocaloid rap.

I remember trish keenan (rip) of broadcast evangelizing psych from malaysia and indonesia

that Saigon compilation is incredible. Have also come across khmer rock/folk from the same time but it’s tough to listen to knowing what happened to those musicians

Here’s two songs with colors in their names by the 80s Taiwanese singer Kay Huang.

The first one is, in my opinion, the perfect pop song:

The second makes me want to play a game about being trapped in cheese world:

I’m also going to post this, since I saw it just now when I was going through videos I’d liked on Youtube. My ex-girlfriend had told me that it was her favorite song as a child:


@saddleblasters#9646 the perfect pop song

putting on flippers and lying down on a green tarp

and at the risk of bringing down the mood I guess I'll post that khmer music