The Steam IC friend code thread

With Necrosoft Games‘ Hyper Gunsport releasing, I thought it’d be a good time to start this thread for IC members to share their Steam codes and play some games (and other games too).

I find it easiest to share my friend code rather than username. You can find your friend code by:

In desktop client (and on mobile) visit your profile -> Friends -> Add a Friend, and your code will show up.

I don't think it's possible to find on Big Picture mode, and am unsure if it's possible on Steam Deck (I'll update this post if so.)

My code is: **39028222** my handle should come up as Mumbofish, and my avatar is my little brother, Adol Cristin.







If this champion with an Iain M Banks reference for a screen name sent you a Steam friend request, that was me

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Can't wait to sport some guns


Mine seems a lot shorter :thinking:


Here’s my 2022 replay. (Caveat: the VR stuff is all my children 😆)



@“LeFish”#p98024 In desktop client visit your profile -> Friends -> Add a Friend, and your code will show up.

This works on mobile also.

I’m `119246795`, my avatar is the Cookie Monster as Cookie Masterson.

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I almost never sign in to friends on steam these days however.

@“rejj”#p98148 Thanks! First post duly amended.

since making my steam account in 2008, I‘ve had the same slew of about 15 friends from that time, I’d be super down if anyone on IC added me.

I also have never gamed consistently on steam. around 2009 my roommate used it to play TF2 for 60 hours. Then in 2021 I played through Dragon Quest XI and some Souls games on there, that was my first time really getting use out of my 15 year old steam account lol.

Since I now have a gaming PC, and modern consoles have no reason to exist, I will be using steam more going forward. Would love to do some real buddy multiplayer gaming. Like terraria..? or whatever???

I mainly play console ports of japanese games like death stranding and ffvii, but I have a bunch of multiplayer games from various bundles over the years.

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@“Smiauu666”#p98118 dude, “</s>~Public.Hair~”? rofl

@“connrrr”#p98168 yessir!


Let's shoot some guns at some balls



108020887 I'm dog.
Also check this out and maybe make it public!