the switch controllers i have known (and some i have liked)

@“exodus”#p57415 Yeah I was gonna say something similar to what Billy said, cause it sounds like the cable is having trouble. But whatever I'm in a major Nintendo sucks mood lately.

### Hori D-Pad Controller (L) Zelda Edition

  • - D-pad, trigger buttons, and the rear disengage button are all very stiff compared to what I'm used to. Gives the button presses a nice deliberateness, but I felt a little cramped/fatigued after a while.
  • - Minus and screenshot buttons are pretty squishy, which is fine
  • - Analogue stick feels more or less identical to a regular Joy Con (barely tested though)
  • - No rumble, but you get enough from the right Joy Con so no big loss
  • - Semi-transparent smoke body is cool but I'm not into the Hyrule branding. O WELL
  • Sorry for the absolutely messy desk, check out my new 8bitdo hard case. I take my controller to friends houses (and the streets) often enough to warrant the purchase of this extremely reasonably priced ($15) officially produced 8bitdo pro hard case! I’ve already probably put a lil bit more wear on the controller than I’d like by throwing it into bags and stuff. [upl-image-preview url=//]

    this one is certainly making some bold promises


    I’m going to throw it out there that I love the 8Bitdo Lite gamepad for D-pad games. Since the D-pads replace the analog sticks, you can use D-pad controls for anything without having to remap movement (which I’m not sure is possible anyway).

    It’s obviously super lightweight and I find it to be ergonomic even without grips. I also really like the shoulder button placement. It’s surprisingly intuitive to hit ZR and ZL just by arching your fingertip further across the controller.

    It could never be my full-time Switch controller but it works well for lots of games. I’ve been using it playing through 13 Sentinels and it’s been great for navigating the RTS portions of that game imo.
    [upl-image-preview url=//]
    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    I also have a love/hate relationship with the Switch and its controls. The standard JoyCon buttons are too small to be comfortable for my finger pads.

    And I also have had the HDMI handshake issue with my dock @billy and @exodus are talking about. I won't speculate why it drops out because I'm in the tech industry and know too much about all the myriad problems that can make this happen. We only know the symptoms, not root cause which can often be from multiple conspiring second-order effects.

    My point is, yeah, I'm not in love with the Switch's build quality. All the JoyCons my friends and I have all display some level of issues. Docking is glitchy. I really dislike the cart slot's janky thermoplastic leash and how it doesn't seat super well.

    But it sure does have a lot of neat older games and games you just can't get anywhere else. But if I have a choice, I'm not buying the game on Switch.

    I love every time brandon mentions the joycons being shit and Nintendo being absolute dickheads about continuing to sell a bunk product. I was so pissed mine did the drift so quickly that I don‘t think I’ve played many Switch games thanks to it. Sure, we bought a Pro controller when we got one but I think it‘s basically been enough for me that I don’t want to give them any more money. At all. The last Switch game I bought was Animal Crossing during the early pandemic times for the family (which no one got into this time) and I don't really see myself buying another game for it. Which has included SMT V, a series I absolutely love but will just have to emulate, wait for a port or do without.

    It's absolutely insane they keep shipping these low quality devices and then selling $80 replacements, with people just bending over and asking for more. Fuck. That.

    @“antillese”#p69461 I have a video matrix that happens to beep when it’s operated, either by user input or by CEC commands. The thing beeps frequently and at weirdly non-uniform intervals when the Switch is connected, so I assume it’s just constantly handshaking and sending out non-standard, frequent and unnecessary control information (maybe checking for HDCP), which freaks some TVs out.

    My job involves programming for devices which usually cross paths with HDMI. It’s like you say - nobody actually knows why HDMI is awful, it just is.

    @“chakan”#p69483 I guess I'm just not as upset about it. I get it from both sides. As a customer, I want my stuff to work. I also happen to work for a large trans-national company. Manufacturing consumer electronics in 100s of millions of volume is really really really really hard.

    Ultimately, I've had some really neat family time with it and some experiences I can't really get on other platforms.


    @"billy "#p69484 My job involves programming for devices which usually cross paths with HDMI. It’s like you say - nobody actually knows why HDMI is awful, it just is.

    You get all the issues of high-speed digital communication and all the issues that encryption and root of trust add, and all the issues of latency all at the same time! It's great! (It's still better than analog HD.)

    I don‘t think I’ve played a switch game since the last time I complained about this, ha ha. I should probably just get the pro controller…………

    Has anyone here tried this controller?

    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    I hate using my switch in portable mode because of the joy cons and I've seen some people on Twitter talking positively about this controller(s)
    If they are good, combining them with a flip grip would be my ideal portable shoot em up setup



    Manufacturing consumer electronics in 100s of millions of volume is really really really really hard.

    Sure, I get it. Mistakes were made and _possibly_ not noticed in time for the initial launch. However, the Switch has been around for years by now and they even dipped back into the everlasting Nintendo fanboy well of suckers with a hardware revision. They haven't resolved the problem components or redesigned the Joycons to fix it. It's shameful and people should stop accepting this.

    After having both my PS3 and PS4 stop reading discs (while my 20-30+ optical media consoles are still trucking) along with this, I've pretty much decided to avoid game consoles at large from here out. It isn't worth adding to the disposable garbage problems of the planet, the space in my home, or the frustration with dealing with this crap. It's just so wild many people just accept it and pay through the nose like a ~~sucker~~ good boy consumer.

    @“穴”#p69504 It looks like a Switch controller manifestation of this recent viral video.

    @“穴”#p69504 I don't know if this is helpful 19 days later, but I used the same brand (in black, and smaller) Joy-Cons and they have been just fine (wrote a little more here)


    Actually popped into this thread to mention this controller. Having skimmed through this video again, I actually would maybe think about picking one up (especially since it wakes up the console (the only problem I have with the 8bitdo pads)), if I hadn't just picked up an Xbox and been mostly playing that recently

    I watched this video a little bit ago that covers, I believe, these joy cons. This channel effectively explains the minutia of the products they cover in my experience (did help me somewhat effectively understand what the two new Xboxes are). Feels a bit youtubey, but doesn't grate on me too much (though I, for all my effort, am _still_ under 30).

    Really wish I could just get that hori adapter without buying a whole new set of those things


    @“dylanfills”#p78651 Actually popped into this thread to mention this controller

    yeah i saw they are available now, and at least one person in the actionbutton discord has bought one! hard to know at this point whether it's worth the £££ since, give it 6-12months to see if the sticks are playing up and probably we'll be waiting for superswitch by then.

    I think the new Hori drop is looking pretty hot, and I will buy a pair:

    @“tokucowboy”#p82281 Finally… When switch was first announced we all thought of the possibilities for joycon replacements, it‘s taken this long, and there’s very few quality ones we‘d been imagining from the start. (Like everyone wanted gamecube joycons) At least HORI is finally here to push the envelope a bit. Similarly to their N64 controller that seemed like the precursor to the Gamecube controller, I could see this HORI joycon combo becoming the slate for the next Switch! I could see myself getting these, and I could see them becoming highly sought after down the road, too, as HORI stuff always is. time to subscribe to HORI’s new youtube channel! haha.

    Once again beating the [8bitdo Pro 2 ](, they must be selling better than ever because now they've released two new colors, Clear Purple and Clear Black..... I'll be sticking with my matte black, but this is definitely a smart move because so many people drool over clear plastic.
    The original started at $60 and dropped to $40 over time. These clear ones are "limited edition" so who knows which way the price will go.

    This month I've become a huge fan of the [retro-bit 2.4ghz wireless saturn pads]( They work on Switch as well, but I haven't plugged in my switch in a long time, I've been putting off hacking it again since the last few updates. Though the 4 or 5 games I have on Switch would be well suited by the Saturn pad.... Waku Waku 7, Windjammers, Sonic Mania... With how much stuff is released for switch I'm sure there's tons I'd wanna play with the saturn pad... I avoid all re-releases, unless they're arcade games suited for street multiplayer matches like Waku Waku 7 and Windjammers.

    A loved one accidentally broke one of my joy cons. What would people say is a good replacement set that is decent quality and also reasonable price-wise?

    @“rearnakedwindow”#p82786 hmm I don’t think you can really put a price on a loved one but I recommend replacing them with a more careful and trustworthy person.