the switch controllers i have known (and some i have liked)

@“chazumaru”#p82789 ooof you got me haha


“If anybody does know of an inexpensive Nintendo Switch JoyCon Controller for the Nintendo Switch Entertainment System Video Game Console, I would be glad to know what brand it is.” There I fixed it.

This did make me think how funny it would be if Nintendo had decided to keep calling their consoles Entertainment Systems.

Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64ES)
GameCube Entertainment System (GES)
Wii Entertainment System (WES)
And so on.

@“rootfifthoctave”#p83338 what makes it more ultimate than the pro 2? Not gonna lie I’m thinking about that atomic purple pro 2 more and more

@“treefroggy”#p83388 It has Hall Effect sticks and can switch between Bluetooth and 2.4ghz wireless like their arcade stick.

@“treefroggy”#p82310 I, as a dumb 90s kid, immediately bought the clear purple Pro 2, and do not regret it one bit. I have a perfectly good Pro 2 that is not clear Purple, but I had to have it.

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I also bought one of the bluetooth N64 controllers direct from Nintendo a while back, and caved and upgrade my Nintendo Switch Online to include the N64/Genesis games, and playing OoT with the N64 controller has done something for me. I feel like a little kid again, playing with this controller feels all to "natural". I did try playing some N64 stuff in portable mode with the joycons and the button mapping for the C buttons is strange to me.

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I just grabbed a dang Gulikit KingKong 2 pro as well :/ It has a lot of perks though. Making every game gyro control ready from the controller itself is very cool, I just wish it was easier to toggle.

the ultimate seems to steal the Hall effect and the shape from the KK, hope it copies that auto pilot mode too.
I really miss the grip feel and the paddle shortcuts on the 8bitdo pro 2 using the KK2pro but other than that has been a great experience so far.

Gulikit has been showing off their Hall sticks for Joycons too- I hope I can stuff them into one of the hori grips.

Idk what Hall is

But I know what King Kong 2 is

I own the cartridge!

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And while I have two perfectly good n64 controllers I’ve maintained and use for n64 hardware, I’m still jealous of your oem Bluetooth controller, I wanted one at launch but it was rediculous. Also jealous of anyone with a lodgenet controller

@“treefroggy”#p83526 love that Noriyoshi Ohrai art

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Over the years I have realised that I refer the dualshock layout of dpad and left stick. This new 8bitDo uses the Xbox layout.

I sure have spent countless hours with a xb360 controller in my hands and liked it, but the ds4 became my default pad once it existed — until I got my 8bitDo Pro 2. Going back to the Xbox layout feels awkward to me now.

Hopefully soon enough we get a Pro 3 in the same layout as the Pro 2, but with the new stick technology.

i think they‘ve updated the horipad, now it’s the horipad+

Speaking of Hori, I did end up picking up that Hori Split Pad Compact (or Split Pad Fit) that just came out in the US. It is very much a luxury item (unless your Joy-Con has drift and you don‘t want to/can’t send it to Nintendo, in which case it‘s a significantly cheaper replacement at $50), but I like this controller a whole lot. I say it’s a luxury item because the use case is very specific, which is:

  • - Do you want a Switch controller that is exclusively for handheld mode, makes handheld mode feel tons better, has a d-pad, doesn‘t have gyro, doesn’t have NFC, doesn‘t have rumble, doesn’t need recharging, and makes the Switch a little uglier and a little less portable but still significantly prettier and more portable than a Steam Deck or Switch grip or other Big Boy Joy-Con?
  • This is that controller. I play a lot of handheld Switch, but I (used to) consciously avoid action-oriented games that lean heavily on the analog stick, like your FPSes, Dark Souls, or Astral Chains -- I almost always stuck with slow-paced games, RPGs and d-pad centric stuff when playing on the regular Joy-Con, because those sticks (when they work) are not great for intense stuff. Immediately with these Hori Cons, that's no longer an issue. The contours are comfy, the face buttons have tons of travel, the d-pad is good and I may actually prefer these sticks to the Pro Controller. I've been on here playing Nier, Radiant Silvergun (plus other more natively stick-centric shmups) and Doom 64 and it's feeling great. I don't feel like I'm missing anything going from a Pro Controller on the TV to this controller portably.

    They do give the Switch a touch of that Steam Deck longboard look (I'll stick to the standard JCs for travel, both for portability and aesthetics), but they're not nearly as ugly as that or other phat JCs. Got a nice industrial design typical of Hori stuff, and I love the colorways and little details like textured stick tops and the dual coloration. The back paddles are cool, but one downer is that you can only map buttons on the respective Con (since they feature no wireless communication whatsoever), which makes the left paddle not very useful. Big picture, though, these are really wonderful for that sort of detatched-from-the-TV-but-sticking-to-your-homestead portability

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    @“tokucowboy”#p87756 Thanks for the feedback. Very interested in them but eagerly waiting for the inevitable “game collaboration” special edition (like Dæmon X Machina for the Split Pad Pro) because I am not feeling the current colors.

    I am still interested in some day getting a controller that works so that I might play switch games that require precision, I guess maybe this 8bitdo is the closest for now?

    I didn't finish SmtV because it was infuriating... It'll probably be in a platform that has working controllers before I get a replacement :/

    @“chazumaru”#p87757 no problem, glad it's helpful. I hope they do more variations, too (there are so many Split Pad Pro options now). This one goes well with my living room & Switch OLED dock, but the current colors are quite specific

    @“exodus”#p87777 I think the 8bitdo one is probably the best option for Switch atm. I might be biased but I‘ve got 3 of their controllers now and haven’t had any issues with drift or any other input issues.

    @“exodus”#p87777 As long as you are willing to play docked for those games rather than handheld, I found this to be an excellent choice:

    (I have the first wireless adapter, this new revision looks like it adds support for some more modern pads that didn't exist when I got mine)

    I can also add my recommendation to the 8bitdo pro 2, it is a superb controller.

    @“tokucowboy”#p87756 seems like there’s not much of a difference between split pad compact and split pad pro, and pro is pretty affordable on the zon:

    Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Blue) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode - Officially Licensed By Nintendo - Nintendo Switch (Renewed)

    Maybe you’d enlighten me what has you picking compact over pro?

    Well that was even quicker than I expected.

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