The Toilets of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The reason none of the toilets have TP is because they all have fancy wash/dry bidets.

One could argue that after the announcement of Remake Intergrade and two mobile games one of which is a battle royale Final Fantasy VII has become the toilet itself.

@JoJoestar#19220 maybe, if they hadn't already done that with the 2004 mobile game, 2005 film and 2006 ps2 shooting game.

I mean, no offense but do you realize you're not exactly putting me in the wrong here, but rather extending it a few years back…

@JoJoestar#19304 putting you in the wrong was never my goal.

Don’t worry everyone. I’m not abandoning my series. I’m just simply not done with Control.

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Zelda toilet. It’s the only one in the whole village, as far as I can tell. Rancid.

How about in Dragon Quest Builders 2 when everyone in town lines up to take a dump in a single earthenware pot. Then you go in later to collect it and put it on your plants

@“tapevulture”#p38217 the euphemism of “night soil” made me laugh pretty hard when I got to this point.

@“esper”#p38227 wow the term was apparently coined because workers would go into the outhouse etc. to collect it at night, presumably so the sights, sounds and smells did not disturb uh…everyone else

talk about a shitty job!! let's all say a small prayer for the people who did this horrible job for their whole life then expired and are remembered by no one

@“Syzygy”#p38242 “you're telling me this shit is free?”

With proper probiotic compost combined with a healthy plant based diet, humanure can be quite manageable.

The mention of FFVII toilets dredged up an ancient memory of their bizarro world version:

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Abandoned spaceship toilet. Seems small.

One of my friends manages an entire twitter account dedicated to this whole concept and I honestly don‘t know why I didn’t link it here before:

My thoughts on this thread:

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