The Tragic And Mysterious Death Of Detective Inspector Aria Steele

my girlfriend made a little Animal Crossing Murder Mystery and i think it‘s pretty good so i thought i’d share it with y'all.



This is how it works: There are three “files” you open at different points to aid you in your investigation.

  • - First, before even starting the game, you read the introduction / Case File, where you learn of the events that have transpired so far and your role in the matter. You are encouraged to take notes in pen and paper as it will probably make things easier to navigate.

  • >
  • - Then, you boot up the game and visit the island with the dream code given. You start investigating, and whenever you find a relevant clue (marked with an exclamation mark), you are allowed to check its description in The Clue Handbook. Do not look at item descriptions before you have found the corresponding items in-game! That would be cheating and deeply wrong.

  • >
  • - Once you have gathered all the evidence and explored the island thoroughly, deliberate for a while and make a final verdict. Write it down and make sure it all checks out before closing the case.
  • if you're stuck or have any questions please let us know. only a couple people have played it so far and none of them without assistance so we're really curious to see if it works at all as a standalone experience.

    if anybody does play it, please use spoiler tags (two tall straight lines, like | ) to talk about the case ||is this how it works? i hope so||

    this is cool, I started to read the case file but realized it‘ll require some concentration so will run through it when I’m not tired. reminds me of the sherlock holmes consulting detective game

    Oh, you need the new Animal Crossing to play it?

    I love that idea but I don't own the game!