The (video game) of (other media) thread [a reverse citizen kane game]

So the guys on the show always answer questions about the _____ of video games (eg the “citizen kane of video games”). But what about the reverse?

For example:the Yakuza games of other media. The Fast & Furious franchise feels like the Yakuza of hollywood blockbusters because it's packed full of weird ideas, charisma, and unlikely family.

What else?

Behold, the Metal Gear Solid 2 of literature!

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Is The Simpsons the Mega Man of TV?

Hmmm…what is the Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game of not video games….ie, a non-video game media property that was made into a video game and then that video game was adapted back to the original medium?


The Producers (2005) was a movie based on The Producers (a 2001 broadway musical) which was based on the 1967 movie The Producers

@“edward”#p99526 For The Simpsons to be The Mega Man of TV, Capcom would still have to be making new Mega Man games all the time instead of just occasionally wheeling some out of the Disney Vault

@“edward”#p99526 sorry I think the simpsons is the SONIC of tv. Consensus says it stopped being good years ago, probably will continue releasing new stuff until universal heat death, internet filled with lots of memes and weird porn…

@“deepspacefine”#p99676 and periodically there‘s a new installment that drops that recieves unexpectedly high praise (sonic frontiers, treehouse of horror xxxiii) that suggests there’s still more gas in the tank, but just a tiny, tiny bit.

@“kory”#p99548 OK, I‘ve been ruminating on this one and I have a potential answer…the LEGO Star Wars short films and LEGO Batman Movie have a complicated provenance, but they probably wouldn’t exist without the success of their respective video games

@“kory”#p99706 I would have thought of novelizations of movies based on books or, at least, books rereleased with movie art after the movie‘s release. I think that I had remembered some discussion of the former, maybe with Hunger Games or Harry Potter specifically, although it doesn’t make that much sense unless you are trying to make secondary revenue from movie fans and abridging books to smooth with recent fans' expectations.


it's pretty common for books that get a movie adaptation to come out in a new edition with a cover that matches the movie poster/is a still from the movie. that's not really to the extent that you're talking about though

edit: sorry, you literally said that. read your reply too fast

@“dylanfills”#p99729 maybe the SFTMTG of books is rereading a novel after seeing the film adaptation and reimagining all of the characters as the actors that portrayed them