The worst water level of my life

Hey all

I figured it might be nice to have a thread to vent about the flooding going on on the East Coast. Maybe just a thread to lament some of the things we lost or cherish those we saved. Maybe you just want some sympathy or to feel heard.

I live in a house full of musicians, and before you cry on my behalf, a vast majority of the stuff (at least going by monetary/functional cake value) is fine. Wednesday night I caught the flooding when our basement had about six inches of water in it; this submerged some of our gear and dipped some of the rest. I immediately hopped into triage mode and started bringing all the pricy stuff up to the first floor. We grabbed speakers, stompboxes, guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, and more. I went so far as to disassemble all the effect pedals that were underwater and let them dry; my roommate spread out all of the cables on stands on our porch.

However, Thursday morning the water had risen to about four and a half feet deep. This was unfortunate, because we'd simply stowed a fair portion of our things on shelves or stands to hopefully avoid the flooding.

So, I did the only logical thing, which was rip my shirt off and go spelunking for three full drumsets. None of these belong to me or anyone else who lives here, so I felt very responsible for their safety. Luckily, it seems as if all of the drums are fine.

So, during this odyssey, I was reminded of the game Submerged, and I would have re downloaded it if our internet hadn't gone down. Somehow, our power didn't go out.

So, what did you clowns get into?

@“Syzygy”#p42345 Tested the pedals today and they all work!