There are Power-ups in a Union

For International Workers’ Day I thought it might be interesting to collect references to organized labor in games. Good and bad examples. I can only think of about 3 but there must be more.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Escape from Monkey Island’s_to_You

Seems relevant:

Dead to Rights: Retribution

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

no good images of this online but it was a pretty memorable mission


lols @ the game coming up with a personal reason for Vito to side with the workers, would be too good otherwise


Mario Maker 2's story mode is essentially based around Toadette hiring Mario to manipulate the Toad workers into dismantling their union.

Sim City 3000

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Disco Elysium

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In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Tom Nook gives a yearly May Day celebration to thank residents for all their hard work. As island representative you are entitled to take a free trip to a neighboring island, which Isabell and Nook promise will be a relaxing break. Upon redeeming your ticket you find yourself at the entrance to an island wide maze full of booby traps and dead ends. All your tools have been taken from you. To make it to the end you have to use the resources immediately available. It's like that one island shrine in botw.


It seems like a fun little challenge to break up the regular ac routine, but from an in game narrative perspective it's kinda dark and I'm not quite sure if it's some kind of satire.

Front mission 3

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Going Under

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There’s definitely room for progress, but as I read this thread again I’m feeling very thankful to live in a place where unions are a very normal thing that most people like (or at the very least tolerate). I’m obviously in a particular kind of headspace tonight but man this thread is dark.

@"billy "#p68430 As long as we're still just talking about unions and not revolutions or terrorist organizations its brighter than real life

This video is what inspired me to start this thread last year.

Hopefully the recent wave of workplaces unionizing will be more positively reflected in film/tv/games in a year or two.