This one is for all of you (And mostly Jaffe!)

I got an email last night to reset my password and was like “why is someone trying to hack my insert credit forums account”

Thanks for all your hard work, y’all!


I was thinking the same. Mobile experience feels a bit less intuitive off the bat but probably just a matter of getting used to the new one.

Just so everyone knows, the new interface is taking time for all of us to get used to! I’m having a hard time understanding which threads I have and haven’t seen and I seem to get … a LOT of emails from the forum system telling me about new posts.

We’ll all get used to it and learn together. Give yourself some time!


Worth noting that the absolutely huge default font can be changed in your profile settings. I turned mine to smallest and everything looks lovely now. You can make it even bigger too if that’s your jam


Thank you, but why the heck is my name Garrettlong now lol



There was a distinction between login name and user name that is different between the front-ends. If you want an admin to change your name, we’ll help out with that. Go post here and we can fix it.

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amazing tip—highly recommended


thanks to shane and the mods for your hard work!

it took me a while but here are some things that make the forum better to browse on desktop for me:

  • go to Preferences->Interface and change the font size to whatever fits your screen better.
  • use a browser extension to change the font to something more pleasant/readable (I use Nunito Sans).
  • go to the archived version of the old forums, find your followed threads and bookmark them in the new one.

Me, I busted out my user style manager and changed over to a serif font. I feel like it fits the vibe of this forum like a particularly well-fitting shoe. A Cinderella-type deal.


What if I wrote a tampermonkey script that makes the new forum look like the old forum but retaining all of the new forum’s functionality???

(i have never done web development or something similar but i believe in myself)


Your stylistic conservatism knows no bounds! :scream:

If you want to customize the forum, I recommend trying the browser extension Stylus! It lets you write CSS that gets loaded immediately, and without having to bother with Javascript – so it’s all stylin’. A bit easier to get into.

My aforementioned font rule, for example, is:

:root {
    --font-family: Lora;

(That sets a variable called --font-family, which Discourse’s CSS later uses.)

(Though that’s not entirely true, because I also include some other modifications.)
:root {
    --font-family: Lora, "BIZ UDMincho Medium";
    --d-font-family--monospace: "Source Code Pro";
    --line-height-large: 1.425;

/* I prefer to edit Markdown in monospace. */
.d-editor-input {
    font-family: "Source Code Pro", "Ume Gothic";
    font-size: 14px;

.topic-body code {
    font-size: 14px;

Incidentally, if you want to restore the fonts used on the old forum, that’d be:

:root {
    --font-family: system-ui, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Ubuntu, Cantarell, Oxygen, Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    --heading-font-family: var(--font-family);

I just want to put this out there in case there’s ever any talk of tweaking site styling:

I’m not sure who had a hand in designing the previous forum, but if they’re no longer available or interested - I’ve been a contract web designer for over a decade. It’s been awhile since I’ve done much backend dev, but if discourse has a relatively user-friendly content management system and no one else is interested - I’m happy to help out


good suggestions by @tombo here.

In relation to font choices and such we don’t really have a massive breath of choice without making our own theme. I don’t really have a lot of time to be doing something like that right now!

I was the person who did the previous forum but I wouldn’t say that was well themed either! I’m not sure how much work would be involved in theming things. So you might wanna read up a bit on what would be involved, what you would like to do, and if you’re still interested we can chat about it. To me what probably would need to be done at a minimum:

  • different fonts for sidebar, thread title list, post text content. right now that’s all the same font which makes picking a font difficult.
  • default colouring is probably all that good.
  • optionally: dark and light theme??

I think most of the other defaults are good enough. I’m always weary of making a theme changing too many things because then it always needs to be updated every few months.


@shane Oh! I thought the old forum looked really nice - great job on that.

Cool! I can look into it. I know it’s hosted on discourse now — Is there anything else I should know for researching?

Happy to collaborate with you to ensure things aren’t getting too fiddly. I think the most bang for our buck we could get without too much work would be adjustments to default type and spacing.


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