Thread to show off your threads (Fashion Channel)

@“exodus”#p144620 whats that guy on the shirt doing? I hope it's nothing offensive

@“Girthbound”#p144557 those boots are hot and this selfie is outta control (in a good way). :heart::heart::heart:

I used to wear a collared shirt and khakis to the office back when I went to the office and I‘ve had a small revelation in the last year or so: if you add a sport coat to your attire people think that you are turbo fancy. I’ve gotten tons of comments and compliments. “Dressing up” by adding a single thing to your regular wardrobe can be incredibly powerful.

I was in a friend's wedding about a year ago and went in to the rental shop to get measured for my tux and at the end the clerk asked if there was anything else I needed today. So I got measured for a sport coat. And then I walked directly out of that Men's Warehouse and started typing on eBay. I bought two sport coats by quite high-end brands that fit me perfectly. They were $35 shipped and then I spent a few more bucks on dry cleaning them.

It is entirely possible they are counterfit. It is much more likely that they are a few years old and sat in some closet and there's a small business flipping them on ebay.

@“antillese”#p144627 agreed, along with a sensible, tasteful, yet fashionable pair of shoes. this is what i rock, which i like way more than the “business sneaker.” i also wear them hiking, which is great because i only need one pair of shoes as long i keep ‘em clean.

@“穴”#p144609 getting hit with the double whammy of social media barrier and language barrier, damn. I‘ve only got one pair of boots rn and they’re a lil bulkier than the style you posted (which is like, exactly what I‘m looking for!! ahh!!) so I’m not sure if the sizing would be different. So considering the hurdles I‘d be heartbroken to go through all that just for them to not fit!! Thanks for sharing tho, in the future once I figure out my size I might look back into this! I’d love to have some vegan boots…

@"connrrr"#p144625 glad someone said this because i sure as heck was too nervous to!

Also h*ck it, I'm just gonna post a pic. I got my makeup on and tried out some stuff I bought this week and was pretty into the results so here ya go!

@“MoH”#p144634 oooh those are clean

@“exodus”#p144620 This is rad as heck.

i don't think i have much of a fashion sense, so maybe this thread will save me from milquetoast-ness


@“connrrr”#p144477 I see those linings and I posit that a good-assed lining just about makes a bag or jacket. If I'm into something and the lining sets it off, that tips me over the edge

went to the local vintage store to do some holiday shopping and ended up with this coat for myself off the sale rack -- looks like it's from an old skiwear company called Beconta, and it was too cheap and fit too well to pass up, especially with a winter trip comin up

(they also had this, which I did not buy, but I did figure you all had to see)

@“connrrr”#p144532 that‘s a good buy! I did a quick Google search and it appears that shop doesn’t have an online store anymore? Either way awesome looking bag.

Yeah I was pretty lucky that a store in Melbourne carried stock! I don't recall the price I originally paid, but it was a lot for being a broke student though lol.

But yeah don't mind spending the cash for a good bag.


the Xbox jacket omggggg haha

that first jacket looks great!! nice grab

@“MovingCastles”#p144700 have you ever gone down to the Crumpler store in Fitzroy and gotten something made in-house? There‘s stuff there they don’t sell internationally is my understanding!

I got some boots recently:


They’re Anastazi Zapatas, made here in Western Australia. I’ve never really had boots before, aside from some cheap ones I got for doing yard work. This was maybe partly motivated by Tim talking about his Indy boots on the podcast, maybe a bit from the Vimes boots theory. Most of my clothes and shoes have always been cheap and semi-disposable, though I tend to wear them till they’re pretty worn out. I’m hoping these will last me a long time. I’ve spent too much time reading about boots on the internet lately, though it’s hard to find information that isn’t from someone trying to sell you something or who is more dedicated to looking after their footwear than I’m ever likely to be. I’d like to keep these in good shape, but also if they wind up looking a bit like the ones @DStrogen posted earlier in the thread that’d be good too.

So far I’m not sure if they’re broken in or not, not being used to shoes that need breaking in. I’ve worn them out once, to a movie, and I had to take them off about an hour in because the pressure on my feet was too much. I put them on again at the end and had no further trouble, and I’ve worn them around the house since and they’ve been ok. They probably won’t see much actual use until winter rolls around.

I have bags also:


The one at the lower left is the oldest and most used: my wife gave it to me before we were married, maybe fifteen years ago. I use it whenever I need to carry papers somewhere. It’s been around the world, survived a total lack of maintenance or care and is still doing a great job. Shame about whatever that stain is in one of the pockets though. Bottom right is an ikea forenkla, which they don’t make anymore. Apparently their longevity isn’t great, but it’s a pretty good bag otherwise - large capacity, big drink bottle holders on both sides, a zip down one side to access the main pocket and another on the other side for a laptop pocket, and a collapsible extra compartment at the bottom that’s good for shoes. I use it for family trips where I need to carry a bunch of kid stuff. Top right is one I got last year, a weekender I guess. I use it mostly for short interstate trips - I’ve been doing a couple of four night trips a year for work lately and this bag holds enough clothes and stuff for those (and also the bottom left bag) while still working as carry-on. It’s kind of impractical to actually carry around though because of the weight - I probably should have got a carry on size roller suitcase instead. I usually book a slightly late flight on my final day away so I can actually look at the city I’ve travelled to, and carrying this thing around all day is a bit of a pain. Looks nice, though!

The top left bag is for my bike. It’s a backpack:


But you can cover up the straps to stick it on the side of a bike rack:


Honestly it doesn’t get a lot of use. Day to day I have a smaller bag that goes on top of my rack, so it’s only if I need to carry a bit more stuff that I use it. As a backpack it’s not bad, but some of the capacity is taken up by the packed away cover flap and the metal clips used to attach it to the bike rack are a bit jangly (which is why I have them clipped to the top handle instead of the D rings).


@“connrrr”#p144477 a crummy faux army surplus knapsack

I just bought one of these! In a sort of sky blue in hopes of making it look less military. It’s still in the mail, but I don’t have super high hopes for it - I got it out of nostalgia for a bag my dad had when I was a kid, though his was khaki. Plus I just like cotton canvas, which hopefully is what it’s actually made of (I’ve bought canvas stuff online before that turned out to be synthetic, which is fine but not what I had in mind). I might try to wax it, but will probably just ruin it in the attempt.

@“Yim”#p144744 waxing canvas is easy. Just rub it with a stick of beeswax and go over it with a hairdryer.

[Here]('s exactly the model of knapsack I used for six-ish years. The straps were all sorts of falling apart, worst feeling leather toggles, was too small to hold much of anything and the flap would come unbuttoned on its own. What a piece of shit. I think I also had nostalgic reasons for buying it and it must have been the closest I could find to this kind of canvas rucksack we would get in the 90s.


Maybe I should have waxed it but oh well, good riddance lol.

@“Girthbound”#p144667 thank you—all the salomon xt stuff looks really cool imo and is often on sale. I’ve only wore salomon shoes hiking for a few years but now they’re straight up just all i wear.


I got a similar pair of Nikes!!


Also used these red stan smiths in a Parappa costume for a party a few Halloweens back!! I wish I had pictures - but rest assured that I followed all my friends around rapping everything they said ~

@“tokucowboy”#p144426 just wanted to say heck yeah tittybats

@“connrrr”#p144739 I used to ride past that store on the 86 tram all the time but never actually went in. It wouldn't surprise me though that store has been there for ages. Besides at the time I was big into the leather messenger bags. Spine and shoulders regret that phase though lol.

@“穴”#p144609 PS I love their ig

I got this cool mesh dress that I LOVE!!


I layer it over a black dress with thick shoulder straps! The areas where the mesh lays over the black POP - whereas the spaces of only mesh sorta float over the skin ethereally