Thread to show off your threads (Fashion Channel)

Fashion has always been an inextricable element of the Insert Credit oeuvre. Whether it be cyber-athletic wear in Gunsport; the “fashion-first” (as Brandon has referred to it) characterization in Demonschool; or all name drops Tim makes for bags, bomber jackets, scarfs, COFFEE CUPS… The hosts never miss an opportunity to flex their taste.

Why not join into the spirit and do so together? I'm sure this community has plenty to show off :)

The first tattoo I ever got is a reference to Skies of Arcadia, one of my favorite games :slight_smile:

I'm still waiting to get the other shoulder done, but I'm so in love with the first one!!

I jokingly refer to my style as "rave priestess" - which basically means wearing dresses 90% of the time. My tattoo feels appropriate for that!


Love the thread idea! I have been meaning to go through a bunch of my old clothes to sell it on depop, and now i‘m thinking maybe I’ll list some of it here!

[“Thread to show of your threads (Fashion Channel)”,“Thread to show off your threads (Fashion Channel)”]

Oh hell yeah @DStrogen I love this thread idea, love clothes, and love that tat. I'm not much of a selfie person, so these are what I have on-hand just in the spirit of getting in there and doing this thread up

big into monotone with black Vietnam-style military surplus boots this winter

xmas gift, an icecream shirt (just out of the box, I need to steam that thang) + a good adidas crossbody

do enjoy that masks and mask-like accessories are normalized in America now (shirt by tittybats)

oversized PS1 shirt from closeout, accessorizing with big glasses (need em to see) and breaking in the kirby bag


dude that first selfie ROCKS!

awesome boots and love the naturals ~

also, your Kirby bag rules!

I gotta take a pic with my PlayStation hoodie

I won‘t be doing any selfies but check out these MTV shoes I got in Japan for 8 bucks. The oil slick bit and the “yo” on the toe are both reflective. It’s ridiculous but I like it.


(if you are wondering about my thumb I smashed it with a hammer while chiseling away at some hard to reach concrete)


the YO must stand for

"YO those are hot!!"

awesome pick up - the tongue makes them stand out in a good way





@“Tradegood”#p144416 super interested in this!

here's some boots I have that d I like.

They are made by a company that does vegan and affordable shoes in the style of other brands

Most of my clothes I get through thrifting but I don't go to thrift shops that often so I'm almost always looking to buy more clothes lol

Y'all have any niche or small brands you like to buy from?

My thing is bags. You can catch glimpses of a couple of these bags in these posts of mine, as well as peep the glamour shots of this one-off I asked a guy to build me earlier in the year to carry my rollerblades.

I didn't own any nice bags until my late twenties and made do with a crummy faux army surplus knapsack and canvas gift shop tote until then. It was sort of a journey out of that darkness, where my first step taken toward Good Bags was with a hiking backpack I bought by Mountain Equipment Co-op (RIP), years after they'd switched to the square logo and outsourced their bag-making—so unbeknownst to me the daybag I had bought from them was not of the quality they used to be known for and was broken almost from the day I bought it. I picked up a Crumpler laptop messenger a little after, after wanting a Crumpler for so long but after *that* company had also gone downhill, and I had to send it in to be repaired within a few months. It sits in a corner of my spare room now and is where I keep my old laptops. After those two misfires I'd decided enough was enough!!

The first actually good bag I ever purchased for myself was the large Tom Bihn "Cafe" messenger bag in their halcyon fabric (nylon ripstop with a grid of UHMWPE fibres, so it's aka gridstop)—black on the outside and wasabi green lined. It's such an awesome combo and the only one I would buy from them because their usual colourways are not at all to my tastes.


Still going after seven years and one warrantied repair. This is the power of a well-made bag. Among the obvious things I carry in it (trying to keep this from turning into an EDC post) I use a Vapur water bottle because it rolls up and weighs nothing when empty, but it stinks that they no longer make their "anti-bottles" in the US.

I also have a custom YNOT (another RIP) Gulper rolltop I use pretty much weekly and a sling pack that they made in collaboration with Muttonhead.

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YNOT were a cottage bike bag outfit based out of Toronto that closed up shop this past October. Their TO location quickly sold out following the news, but they maintained a Japanese distributer who still has loads of stuff in stock. If you are in Japan and in the market for a high-quality bag or some adjacent accessory I highly recommend checking out [what's left]( I used to own an older version of the Magnetica and it was pretty rad.

I have a list of folders in my bookmarks of cottage bag companies I'm waiting on a reason to buy something from, like Inside Line Equipment in Berkeley or Blue Lug/Fairweather in Tokyo. I love hand-made technical fabric bags. The contrast between them and the disposable junk that frays and splits and falls apart as you look at it has definitely left its mark on my psyche.

@“connrrr”#p144477 that mosher originals looks really good. But that‘s a one time build? I’ve had my Mission Workshop Fitzroy backpack for almost a decade now and it‘s held up pretty well. I’ve used it for University, Hiking, Work etc. I wouldn't mind downsizing it though so I would love to hear some recommendations to keep in mind.



And I just have this neat overnight bag that I have. I just really dig the shade of green


@“MovingCastles”#p144528 it was an existing design from before he shut down his business (which turned out to just be a hiatus in the end). I was so sad when I discovered him and that backpack the month after he‘d closed up shop, so when he started up again in January I DM’d to make sure I was first in line for the next batch, but he told me that building it was such a pain he doesn't want to make any more lol so it is sort of a one-off.

**PS** here is that bag carrying a pair of Aeons!

Mission Workshop makes some very pretty bags. I was eyeing the Transit brief and then the Drift for my laptop before I found one of Crumpler's new designs for more than half-off from a place in Singapore—one of the founders and his daughter took the rights back for everywhere but Europe and now their bags are good again and their website looks like it did 20+ years ago, minus the poop effects.

I‘m not specifically into bags because I weirdly feel silly with a backpack, which I know I shouldn’t! But I got this Gaston Luga in Japan and immediately started using it instead of my laptop handbag because it was so much nicer. It‘s made of recycled polyester with polyurethane coating to make it waterproof. So maybe I’ll become a bag person, let's find out.



dude yes!! roller blade bags are the move

I really wanna get one - I'm sad roller blade season is ending but I did blade around dressed as Miku on Halloween that was fun

not bag related, but I'm super into boots!!

this pair of Margiela boots is one of my favorite items in my closet <3


love how rustic they look ~ I wear them with muted tones and disheveled pieces


@“Girthbound”#p144557 Wtffff those boots ruuuuuuule oooooooooo!!

@"穴"#p144476 And so do theeeese aaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Does the company you got them from do online orders or are they a local in-store only business?

One day I will post some pics in this thread!! I only started paying attention to what I wear this year, so my closet isn't full of toooo much stuff that I'm super into. I think I need to go thrifting more!

@“hi-im-jt”#p144600 they do online orders but I think exclusively through Instagram (?) cause they are made to order and they are a small company. I didn't know about them but a friend was making an order and she asked me if I wanted to also order so that we could combine shipping.

The thing is that they are bases here in Mexico and I don't know I'd they do international shipping. Could help you find out though!

Oh yeah, I bought this absolutely bonkers t-shirt at takoche in Nakano.


It was not cheap but I like supporting them, all their stuff is limited and straight from the artist. It's a little outside my style comfort zone too but you gotta do that sometimes.

@“exodus”#p144620 dan flashes?