Twitter is good actually? Times when social media sold you on a game

When Nintendo‘s first big Direct in over a year dropped earlier this year my friend and I were hit hard with the announcement that Miitopia is getting a port for switch. She absolutely loved the original 3DS version but I have just never been a huge fan of miis. I collected the hats in Find mii on streetpass plaza, and yes I played miitomo for a whole 20 minutes(!) but I just think they look weird. That’s until I saw the absolutely magnificent work people were doing making the coolest looking miis in miitopia‘s demo that came out last week. For a good couple days I’d see Hatsune Miku, Nicki Minaj, Garfield, Geese Howard, etc fill my timeline and each new design warmed my heart. I may actually pick this game up. I don‘t have the artistic prowess to make a cool mii but I’ll definitely take a few creator codes online and live out my fantasy of saving the world from the evils of the Dark Emperor Hank Rutherford Hill. What are some good examples of social media getting you into a specific game or genre?

Twitter link for above image:

First thing that sprung to mind:

Not sure if this counts but Sunhi Legend on Twitter makes gifs and clips of games that look cool as heck. Sometimes when I watch one of their clips, I think, “I should play ‘x’ again.” Here’s a few that stick out: