Two games that should never be combined

Mortal Kombat and Don Doko Don

Trauma Center and Octo-Dad

Kirby’s Adventure and Doom Eternal

Disney Infinity and Final Fantasy

The Xbox 360 port of Catherine and the PS3 port of Catherine.

@“marurun”#p64450 a very similar question was asked on the podcast once, (question 10) so if you want to know the panelists answers check it out. Brandon and Frank came up with objectively one of the worst answers possible.

Wii Play and Doom.

Shenmue and Call of Duty

@“穴”#p64452 So… Kingdom Hearts?

Dance Dance Revolution and QWOP.

Advance Wars and Spec Ops: the Line.

Ogre Battle and Shrek

Hamtaro and Rocket League.

## _FUCK_

Sonic the Hedgehog and a BioWare RPG.

Oh, wait...

Shin Megami Tensei and The Portopia Serial Murde-

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OK, this one's on me.