Unobtrusive vibey longplays

Lately I‘ve been doing some night-shift work from home and I’ve been putting longplays on the teevee for ambience. I would appreciate recommendations for games that make for atmospheric but unobtrusive longplays, with measured pacing and minimal voice acting. REmake is the best example. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, conversely, did not pass the vibe check. Thanks in advance for any recs.

There‘s not that much dialog in this, and once you get around that I reckon it’ll get you where you wanna go

My first thought was myst-like games with minimal voice acting. weirdly i can only think of one right now but I‘m sure there’s plenty

@“exodus”#p119049 putting this up now, thanks!

@"穴"#p119050 added to the playlist, thanks. I've held off on Myst-likes until now although I'm not sure why, I agree they're an obvious choice.

just thought of another with very different but very strong vibes

@“exodus”#p119049 loved the mood of the non-combat sequences, but I had to tap out after 90 minutes due to the battle theme.

@"穴"#p119053 this was sublime, no notes

I've always loved the ambient vibes of Machinarium:

Although there are lots of metallic noises throughout that may grate on some!

@“Kez”#p119115 I love the Machinarium OST, I played through the game once 10 years ago and I've listened to the soundtrack about a billion times since then. Never replayed the game though, so this would be a nice trip back