Vampire Panic (PS2, 2004) English patch released

An English-language patch for the PS2 game Vampire Panic dropped a couple of days ago:

This is one PS2-ass PS2 game developed by AlfaSystem and released by Sammy in Japan in 2004.

This game should be extremely relevant to the interests of anyone who was invested in the recent Insert Credit PS2 episode.

Even better -- this English translation is _extremely_ in beta, with a charmingly rough translation that makes this one feel like a lost PS2 game that received a notorious North American translation back in the day. There's a certain thrill in experiencing a game translated without an attempt made towards localization, presenting the game in a kind-of limbo state between simply translating its text and porting them for a different market altogether.


I woke up at 3 AM this morning and started playing this for a bit just to prove both that it's real and that I still exist in this material plane. Both turned out to be true. I'm not far enough along in the game to really describe the experience thus far but it's a total treat to be able to sample a "new" PS2 game in 2020.

Would love to hear any thoughts on this one if any forumgoers give it a spin.

well this sounds like one to go for!!! kind of a weird theme/genre to go with toon-shaded character graphics, but here we are!

Brandon……….please join me in playing the classic Playstation 2 video game “Vampire Panic”

I‘ll do my best! I just got a disc burner here, I can try out an ISO for the first time in 15 years. (I only play on real hardware, not because of some point of pride or ideological reason but because I don’t like fiddling with emulators)

I'm playing on real hardware as well!

It's worth noting that the same translator of this project, saito, also finished a translation of the PS2's Rogue Hearts Dungeon at the end of last month, meaning that they've brought 2 previously unknown games to North American enthusiasts within a mere matter of weeks! What a time to be alive and suffering greatly under the opposable thumb of a global pandemic!

I haven't started to play their Rogue Hearts Dungeon translation just yet but looking forward to that sometime soon.

I have the OST to Rogue Hearts Dungeon because I got it free at TGS or something, and: its mediocre