Video Game Covers (with lyrics)

I'm looking for stuff like this. Basically, covers of video game music with lyrics added but like the good kind.

This is absolutely not what you asked for but I'm leaving it here until I think of something that fits.

I kind of love this one even though the lyrics themselves are kind of, um

What language is this???

Thus is the first thing that comes to mind. Also I'm a huge fan of "rap/chiptune" mashups so if you want to hear some shit like that let me know. Theres a lot of "mashup" stuff put there but its sorta differnt than what you're asking for. Though I'd be happy to share more if you're interested.

(If anyone knows what this is sampling let me know, that question has haunted me for a while)

53 Stations of the Tokaido

in game
and with lyrics
as made famous in GameCenter CX S08E08

@Moon#8300 Team Teamworks, er, work, is the best, but that Tower of Ranks is totally my jam. When I started at my last job three years ago, everyone used to listen to that ASAP Ferg song like, once a night. I kinda miss that!
This isn't a cover but I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard a cover of it. I believe the lyrics were also in the instruction manual, correct? That was like a fad for games in the eighties; _Bokosuka Wars_ had its own theme with lyrics you could sing yourself, and on the other side of the pond there was a two-game RPG series known as [_Alternate Reality_]( that _also_ featured a couple songs in-game with out-of-game lyrics for you to sing along.

As with many things, [there is a trope page]( that brought up a few more, like the Worms theme.
Though Daytona USA's entire soundtrack kicks ass, I felt like this version of the Ridge Racer theme by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi fit the feel of the thread a little better. But don't let that stop you from **ROLLING STAAAAAAAART!**

I‘ll always immediately think of Metropolis Street Racer, a game with a cover of another game’s song, but now with lyrics!

Green Grove Zone (Richard Jacques)

It Doesn't Really Matter (Richard Jacques)

For album covers of VG music, Jun Senoue's Emerald Coast vocal mix

Outside of Sonic, the Bomberman battle theme with lyrics. Mr. B Bee!

How could I forget these classics

I'm not sure if it counts, but how could I not share this?

@GigaSlime#8294 Man, that's some good engrish right there.

I have memories of Duane and Brando's Mega Man 2 rap from the early youtube era.

Don't want to get this thread clogged up with hip-hop mashups but I love this one

Gotta drop this one:

My all time favorite:

This was the cover that made me realize that adding lyrics to a VGM cover could be good.

Surprisingly, the guy who did all those ‘with lyrics’ videos back in the day, brentalfloss, just kept going and going and now has enough game tunes to fill a greatest hits album.
Somehow remembered this remix from ages ago while thinking about the robovoice remixes from forever ago. There were quite a few OCremixes with vocals over the years, but this one stood out to me by reminding me of The Protomen, just a little.


@Moon#8300 (If anyone knows what this is sampling let me know, that question has haunted me for a while)

Sorry, I forgot to actually reply to this in the last reply! I didn't know whether you were talking about the rhymes or the chiptune so both: ASAP Ferg "Shabba" x Tower of Heaven OST

This is my favorite vocal cover of Space Harrier (and the Ducktales Moon theme):

My favorite official version of this kind of thing is SING!! Sega Game Music: presented by B.B. Queens, that also doubled as a copy of Teddy Boy Blues if you put it in your Sega CD:!!_Sega_Game_Music_Presented_by_B.B._Queens I bought a copy of this album the last time I went to Japan because I loved these covers so much.

Absolutely adore the lyrics they gave Golden Axe II, stage 1:

Love that they turned the Outrun "put your initials here song" into a love ballad:

And I always always always sing these lyrics to myself when playing After Burner:

Also what the heck, this is some new info to me: the first song from that album, Funky Brothers, which the album claimed is from Teddy Boy Blues (which is the only reason I know about this album, from my Teddy Boy Blues obsession in like 2007) is actually a cover of the stage 1 song from the unreleased puzzle game Segasonic Bros! That's such a neat reference and completely unknowable until 2018 when the game was playable to the internet.

Album version:

This makes so much more sense and makes that previously mystery song so much better with context!!! It's too bad Segasonic Bros is kind of a bad game!!

Anyway, you can listen to the full album's other great covers here:


@MazoPanku#8371 Tower of Heaven OST

Thank yoooooou, I would have never figured that out. Dang the rest of the OST is also bangers, as I was hoping.

Seems like that game is hard to play today due to it running on flash! I'll have to find some way to check it out

In light of Goemon getting a little love on Fangamer, I remembered that the Goemon theme also has a lovely vocal version.

not really a “cover,” but i feel like this one fits in here: