Video Game Pyjamas

I bought the High Summoner Yuna Real Emotion shirt @“hellomrkearns”#p112554 right here in a relaxed fit, and it‘s become my night shirt (but also I wore it to the grocery store one morning lol shh don’t tell anyone).


So night shirts count!

Show me some video game PJs, and also show me **your** video game PJs.

@“connrrr”#p117900 shoot, I really want this shirt but slightly different. maybe I'll make a custom one lol

Oh I very wrong about what I thought this thread was going to be about


@“exodus”#p117908 if only it had the bullets in between the syllables!!

@"TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee"#p117919 I was totally going for irl pyjamas, but vg characters in their jammies is **not** off the table!!!

I never thought of wearing cosplay to bed, but you totally could. Might not be comfortable though.


I guess you could say this thread was... "birthed by sleep". [URL=][IMG height=20][/IMG][/URL]

what perfect timing

In early 2017 I had a pyjama outfit that consisted of blue pants and a bright red shirt that almost matched the joycon colors and i called it my Nintendo Switch cosplay.

@“穴”#p117965 when you‘re in bed you could say you’ve docked

(in the Nintendo switch way, not in any other)

“and I like to call this is my queen-sized charging cradle” very cool person giving you the grand tour.

“Here is where I switch from mobile to docked mode, in this king-sized docking station.”

There‘s a regional TexMex restaurant chain in the US called Chuy’s. They used to sell stupid novelty shirts. Like one with Han Solo in a Sombrero that says Juan Solo.

I have this stupid one for a bedtime shirt.

@“Squish”#p122796 that's super cute. :heart:


They did another one with Pikachu as a Taco. My wife has that one.

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