Video game samples in music

A thread on video game sound effects got me thinking about this and I would love to hear some of the deep/obscure cuts from other forum members.

Here are some shallow cuts to get the ball rolling:

PS1 startup sound:

Various Street Fighter II samples (rest in peace, MF DOOM):

The artist in love with a ghost uses a lot of what I think are game samples.

not a sample but at 2:25 there is a guitar solo that is just inexplicably Super Mario

there's this album: Video Game Music

(not an ost)

Jpeg does this a lot in various songs. This one has PS Vita samples.


Here's a good one


How the heck did they get away with that??

@wickedcestus#17929 That's fantastic…I love the sheer confidence with which they just launch into it. No explanation needed!

@pasquinelli#17931 Oh, thank you–I‘ve been meaning to listen to this. I’ve just started getting into his solo work.

Some nice use of SSB sfx in this track. The comp it is from is fantastic BTW:

@milo#17933 I guess nintendo wasn't keeping a very strict eye (or ear) on mid-2000s korean indie rock EPs.

here's a couple

the first is honestly so subtle and the samples so modified and twisted that i would've never known had i not read news bits. [from the press release](


and the otherworldly “Primal Sigh” is constructed almost entirely of samples from a Nintendo 64

the second plays around with the water level track from donkey kong country:

This has become soooo hip to do thanks to SoundCloud DJ's. I do enjoy a trippy remix that uses random smash bros samples. Kero Kero Bonito did this

@treefroggy#17965 I love KKB, but I'm not gonna lie that was a little tough to listen to

edit: I’ve come around on it 😅

I can‘t think of them right now but there’s a heap of music on soundcloud that uses sounds from Croc: The Legend of the Gobbos

Not very obscure at all and also the inverse of what you were asking for but I love that there is a Beach Boys deep track sample in Earthbound.

@treefroggy#17965 this is what introduced me to KKB and I've loved them since! also has PSX startup sound

@well-adjusted-guy#17997 This was probably the most unsettling track in the game for me, especially in context. I remember before Earthbound finally showed up on the Wii U eshop there was speculation that the copious unlicensed sampled music would keep it in limbo forever…glad that wasn’t the case!

@well-adjusted-guy#17997 I know tons of music that samples earthbound. Music that samples earthbound is my favorite genre of music.

also here's a track by @bankbank and if you know the sample then you're cool.

But yeah I could keep linking soundcloud stuff for ages, it's become quite hip these days to sample games of all kinds... The topic here is kind of vague but I think they meant more along the lines of music you'd find at a record store rather than bandcamp and soundcloud. Am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong!