Video Game Tunes that Make you Cry

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I’ve already shared a ton so I’m opening the thread not to spam my own faves but to see what gets y’all goin!

i remember being so surprised learning the dude from dreams come true did the sonic soundtrack.

as for me

I didn‘t like parts of 13-2, but the part where it’s about a spontaneous, meaningful friendship really resonated with me and this song is about that

oh man

phantasy star iv
cosmic fantasy 2
mgs 3
mother 3
moon remix
the world ends with you
i think part of planescape torment?
definitely a dream sequence in lost odyssey

stuff i'm forgetting...maybe i'm just a big cribaby 😭

tbh one of the things i realized about myself is how much music impacts or detracts from my enjoyment of a game

This PSY・S song used for ending of Metamor Jupiter. Pretty stirring. I ran into it while digging around PCE cd audio tracks a couple of years ago before knowing who PSY・S was. When I first heard it I thought hey it's a nice song. I was on the floor on the third time. I was in that mood that time…

Too many from Final Fantasies lol. The Great Warrior, Melodies of Life, Sorrows of Parting.

The ending theme to Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

A lot of Fragile Dreams' OST.

The final battle theme from Mother 3.

I'm the queen of spontaneous crying. Drown in the Tears of my Queendom. Full stop.